Will she or won't she? And how to be sure?  

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7/29/2005 5:20 pm

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Will she or won't she? And how to be sure?

Ok,we have had this woman that is our age and a friend of ours for a few years now. We have agreed that she has the fun personality and the hot body that would be great to add to complete a threesome. Now the question is,how to make the final step. We have had moments where we have made physical contact with her. When she gets a little too much to drink she can be a lot of fun. Grabbing me from the back and saying she loves me (oh and if our families weren't there I would have just turned around and loved her right back) We have taken her out once for drinks and even had times that we talked about weekends together but they always manage to fall apart at the last minute. I've showed my displeasure at these moments and wondered if they are on purpose or not. She has a boyfriend, although she's 90% of the time complaining about no sex and 10% saying they go for 5 hours. Now if we went without sex for that long,it wouldn't last 5 hours when it did happen We've made comments about "sleepovers" where she would sleep in the middle and she never repulses but laughs if off. Now here's the kicker,I'm pretty good at reading peoples reactions and how they say what they say,but she's Spanish and I don't speak a lot of that so it makes it difficult. Oh and this had definitely speeded up my learning that language,but not enough.
So let's see those horny minds working and help with the advice,maybe it's the friend thing that makes this one so difficult?

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7/29/2005 7:01 pm

these situations are so tough. if you are in tune with your sexuality it happens all of the time. i hate it most at work. today i had a brief touch encounter with the hand of a man when a document was passing from me to him. he pulled away unnaturally quickly and looked away. i couild cut the sexual tension with a knife, but then sometime si am not sure. i feel your pain.

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1/24/2006 11:34 am

We got involved with this site because of a girlfriend of mine that wanted so badly to have a 3 some with my husband and I. She would fill us in on her past encounters with other couples and men that see had been with. She would set up meetings with us and then cancel at the last minute. We decided that she was not going to follow through with her requests to us so we started looking elsewhere.

When you are friends it is really hard to start a sexual relationship with them I guess. We have had much better luck meeting people that are interested in us sexually before the friendship sets in and it works a lot better for us.

My girlfriend calls daily to get details on our meetings still. She likes to masturbate to our stories of fun and new friendships but the 3 some is never going to happen. We are having a great time and happy that she helped us get the ball rolling (sort of speaking) but we understand that her fantasy is in her mind only.

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3/14/2006 9:20 pm

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3/14/2006 9:18 pm
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Hi again all, just got back online after being offline forever and our silver membership expired,hope to get some $ to get that back in the near future but anyway...
To update this story, we are still pretty much in the same place,but now I'm starting to wonder if her thoughts are more towards a one on one then a threesome. Of the times that I'm alone with her there are comments about what my other half would think, or comments like "we're all alone here now?"
Also, (To SnatchMatch71) the hand touching is something that I've been playing with. At any opportunity to pass something to her or from her,I make a point to slide my hand along hers, and there's never been any quick pull aways from her. This along with comments from friends of "how she looks at you" makes me think it's there,but how hard it is without the language.
It's been a couple more weeks now,and I'm trying to move things along now. I'm always looking for "in's" where I can either mention or do something a little more "personal,or physical" and when my lady and her mentioned ass sizes, I gave our friend's a little smack,and I mean very little,enough for her to feel it,but just enough to let her know I knew she'd feel it. With a little comment about her ass. (I'm not sure if it was positive like "wow it's nice" or "you need to work out too haha" She had that slightly shocked look on her face,but I have to say this too,we had her kids with us,so even though they were ahead of us and didn't know,it might have been alot different if they weren't there at all.
And recently when she stopped by,when she said goodbye and we did like a half hand-shake,I slid my hand down her hand (yeah I know, "slid my hand" is usually followed by something better) and she looked kinda sorry to have to leave for work.Here's a few other reasons I can't get her out of my mind and off of our list of potential "sexy third wheels":
Every time the 3 of us go anywhere there's dancing,she'll make sure
to dance with me.
At one event after several drinks,outside in front of alot of people,
she hugged me from behind and said "I love you" (Had there not
been all these people we know I would have recipricated the hell
out of that hug!!!!!
At one place we went as we were walking down the hill,she asked for a
ride,on my back. I took her up on that and carried her all the
way down.( No drinking involved that time)
One time I saw her walking before work,offered her a ride,then said
what about breakfast. She asked a restaraunt or my house.
I'm a fucking idiot and said a restaraunt!!Hey I was so caught
off guard!!
Well that's enough for now,we're listening to all comments in here. Going to upgrade as soon as the money's a little loser around here. Also gotta find a faster ISP for uploading some new pics.

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3/28/2006 9:10 pm

We are up to it again,once again she has bought up the idea that maybe next weekend she'll sleepover. So I am working all over the house to make sure that there are no distractions whatsoever. (At the very least it'll motivate me to catch up on all the little things that need to get done.) Got to make sure her favorite liquor is here,and enough of it,as well she loves a good scary movie,so I'll need to get one that will draw her in close to us.Something scary but not gory. Can't imagine getting sexual after a gory movie. I know that my lady gets oh so horny after seafood so maybe that would be a good dinner.
Any suggestions on any of this. I know we have some good ideas on this site.

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11/2/2007 6:46 am

Well it's a year and a half later and guess what this thing still hovers above my head,but get this! A few months ago we were at the park, she started talking about this women who had bought her sexy lingerie and said "Hey,let's go out for dinner and drinks,then we can go back to my place and you can try it on and let me see how you look in it." She said that she didn't want to and what should she do. I said that you should just give it back to her so the lady doesn't expect anything for it. After all if it was a guy that's what he would be thinking.
She then told me she would never want to get it on with another woman. Well not one on one,but she'd love a threesome. I told her so would I and she said ask your wife. I said great and then we later got together with my wife to talk about it. NOW HERE's WHERE I ALMOST DIED! My wife, although accepting this and being ready to go, says for whatever the hell reason, WHAT ?!?! When I bought it up in front of her friend. IT was DEAD from that point on. I could not resurrect it no matter how I tried! She later said she was caught off guard like I was and reacted instead of thinking first.
So that killed it for the time. But here are some other quirks in all of this.
One,we have another beautiful friend,going through some really bad times with her boyfriend/father of their child. At one time our threesome wannabee friend took her hand and told her "Let's go upstairs I wanna sex you up." I believe this friend and the thought of those two together is aaaaahhhhhh Beautiful! But our other friend is completely straight,if not boring with sex as far as we know since she does not talk about it.
Two,recently our threesome wannabee went out drinking and dancing,before going out though,our friend was in the bathroom with my wife putting on makeup and such and openly showed her breasts to my wife.
Three,we spent a good six months not talking to her,because when I started to spend a lot of time with our other friend she became VERY VERY jealous even to the point of telling my wife that our other friend was trying to steal me away from her. My wife bought into this hook,line and sinker. This is really weird since my wife is so ok with my going out with any woman and if I wanted to have sex with her,fine no problem enjoy. She even tells me about hot women that she meets and we hang out with them hoping it leads to more. So the only thing I could think of,was that since this other woman was not only looks,but fun and I loved talking to her too. This is someone that could have taken me away from her especially since we were fighting and talking about divorce then.This led to a bad phone argument with her and our second friend in which we ended our friendship.I decided I did not want us talking to the threesome wannabee friend either and for a good six months to a year we did not talk to either. When we finally did talk to our threesome wannabee friend,who we would see when we shopped at her store once and a while,my wife and her would talk and I would completely ignore her. She would say how much she missed me and "What you don't love me anymore?" She would also make comments about little gifts that I bought her including 1 of two lucky elephants from a Chinese store at the mall when we went shopping together. They symbolize love so I kept one and gave her one. She said how when things were bad in her life that she looked at it and thought of me.
So I don't know what's going on.I think we're having a party now just to spite her,because she was suppose to go out again with us and blew us off 3 times. Yet there are times when we go to the beach or such and she'll say "Oh you didn't invite me?". For my wife it's easier,she can take her or leave her. It's more about sex. For me,I think I fell for this woman and I can't stop this feeling. It feels more about betrayal and being used and it hurts. But when I see her and she looks at me,it feels like admiration and real emotion for me, but it never really happens.
If I could just walk into her store and have some beautiful woman walk up to me and just act like we've been together and how much fun the two of us have had in front of her I know if nothing else at least it would drive her jealous and crazy.
So,this is the ONLY place I can talk about this,I'd really appreciate some comments. There must be some people on this site with some great ones. And some help too.

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11/6/2007 8:15 pm

I'm glad I got to your blogs. I should have known that they would be interesting,well written and humorous based on your very well written fantasy. the one I want to buy the bathing suit for your wife, remember. I'll get you some face shots so we can really be friends, (atleast we could recogniiiize each other.) I agree with the advice above. First have the sexual interest, then wonderful friendships can develop. I've had one frined of ourss sort of become a regular, but once we lost interest, she hadn;t and it made it difficult sometines. Other times, we ere raring to go, and she wass stabdiffusg at times, Guess what. One day (we think she got busted for cocaine in the car) she stopped calling us alltogether. She definitely rolled on us. We heard she moved to another apartment in another town ands she changed her number. Well atleast I get to keep the $200 I owed her and was going to pay back, when I discovered I couldn't even reach her. don't miss her that much, time to move on to another gig! Thanks for the entertainment. Sorry for the typos, in a rush.

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