Oh ohhh oooooooooooohhhh yes  

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7/12/2006 11:07 am

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Oh ohhh oooooooooooohhhh yes

I was sitting here looking at some of the women on this site and it got me wondering which one of them is actually going to read my profile and this blog. Well if you made it this far then I will tell you what I would do with you if you decided to make me your lover. Now mind you that this comes from my past and really did do this for one of my lovers but I just want to show you sweet gentle women that I have an imagination. Well my lover was driving up to my house from Pittsburgh after she just called and said she needed to fuck me hard so I decided to give her a suprise... I unlocked my doors and left signs at the door she would come through and to follow the arrows. The arrows went through the Kitchen until I put a stop sign on the floor to tell her to grab the uncorked bottle of chardonnay in the fridge. Then I gave her instructions on the wine bottle to proceed to the dinning room and had anothere stop sign on the floor. This told her to take all of her close off and put them on the chair and when she did that then she is to proceed to the living room. When she goes into the living room I had all of the candles lighted and a table in the middle of the room that had two wine glasses waiting for her to pour as the instructions on the table instructed her to do. I told her also in the instructions to turn on the cd player and relax in my chair. I then explained to her that I had to go out to the store and will be back but I was in the back bedroom waiting for her to arrive. She was sitting there when I came out of the back bedroom with my clothes off but stop short of coming in the room to tell her I was there the whole time. She was a little startled but realized it was me and I told her verbally to please slip on the blind fold and to sit back in the chair. She did this and I walked into the room and whispered in her ear that she was going to be spoiled. I told her that she was not allowed to take off the blind fold until I told her and that I reassured her nothing was going to happen to her except very good things. I started nibbling her ears and then kissed her neck. Then I moved over to her sweet lips and kissed her very passionetly. Then I went to her breast and kissed her there and suckled her nipples. Her nipples where very erect and I kept kissing and sucking her hard nipples. I then traced my tongue down her torsal until I got to her sweet smelling vagina. I then put her legs up over the arms of the chair and kneeled in front of her and slowly eating her pussy out. Then I took a swig of wine to warm it up so I could fill her pussy up with some white wine... The fruit of the vine met the juice of the woman and it tasted oh so good. She really loved the wine in her pussy and was starting to moan. I told her she could take off her blindfold and she did to see me kneeling in fron of her with her legs spread open on the chair and I was lapping her clit. I can remember it like yesterday that I had my toungue placed right up on her clit. I could feel how hard her clit was as I pressed my toungue up and down on it. The wine and her wet juices were puring all over my chair and I could smell the sweet smell of erotic love. I started to suckle her pussy and then moving my toungue in a figure 8 motion so that it was to the point we were both in a sexual rapture until she comed all over me... and she was sweating very hard and was moaning like I never heard her moan before but in such beautiful tones. I sat kneeling in front of me with a huge hard on and she just sat there breathing very hard and said to me that her orgasm was one of the most beautiful orgasm she had ever had in her life. Then she got up and pushed me down to the floor and gave me one of the best oral sex I ever had in my life. She never tried to deep throat ever before but wanted to do that for such a long time and decided to give it to me since she had the best orrally induced orgasm. I could feel my head all the way down her throat and it was very warm. I could feel her tickling the base of my sack where it starts and it was hot... I could not take it any more and blew my come in her mouth and she did not swallow but took a swig of wine and mixed it up with my come and kissed me. I never tasted my come before but it was very erotic to have it placed in your mouth from another persons mouth with a hint of wine... I miss those days and I am looking for another woman to join me again to make up some new expereinces and that is why I am here at AdultFriendFinder. Today is my birthday and it is a good day of reflection and the best gift I could get is being in my birthday suit all day and all night long...... Oh if you are wondering that is the picture of the chair!!!

CB_2 51F

7/12/2006 11:55 am

Very nice! WOuld have liked to have been her.


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