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WarriorPoet72 44M
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7/19/2006 12:18 pm
Just thinking

I was thinking about some women in my past and wonder what they are doing today. I wonder if they ever think about me in some quiet moment to themselves. The see something that reminds them of me and they wonder if I ever think of them. I always wonder if there is one certain woman who thinks about me. I know that many times in my busy life that I think about her. I always wonder what life would have been like if we were together today. I can always speculate on what could have been but the reality is that in never did happen. I always thought being in love was just a state of mind at the moment but I think that this definition needs to be reworked. I guess that I really was in love with her and have been on a pursuit in my life to recapture those deep emotional feelings and rational thought I had with her. The thing is that am I in love with the memory or is the memory keep my love. I am leaning towards the in love part and the memories feed this glimmer of light that we had that only lives in my heart and soul now. I guess I have put these feelings out of mind and really try not to bring them out since it just doesn't seem prudent to dwell on her. I had my heart broken but it was for not since it seems that in that broken heart could only be repaired by a love that was instilled for her and even if she hurt me very much, there was no way I could ever hate her since she has shaped me of who I am as a man. Oh to lament about what could have and think about the people who have gone on to eternal rest does not do justice but at least when you watch a dying loved one you know they are leaving you in love but the thing that you don;t know about a lost love is do you think they might still love you... I know that my e-mail is full of crap from friends telling me to resend this out to everyone in your address book or you dick will fall off and your balls will explode do I always say to myself if I did have one wish in my life what would it be. Well that one and only wish would be that her and I would be together again and there is no amount of money that could replace that in your life.... I wonder if she is thinking about id I am thinking about her.... Hmm maybe you are reading this and see that I do..

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