Masturbation Monday  

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6/7/2005 5:28 pm

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Masturbation Monday

I was almost off work when you called... "Baby, I'm so horny for you..." you murmured into the phone. I blushed in the conference room I was sitting, wondering if anyone near me had heard your words.

"Baby..." I choked back in a whisper... "I'm in a meeting, it's about to start."

"Excuse yourself, go to the bathroom, and take off your panties." I lowered my eyes, knowing that despite my better judgment, my submissive desires were kicking into full gear. After all, you trained me. I clicked off the cell phone and slid it into my bag before standing and mumbling that I needed to use the restroom. Once locked in a stall I pulled up my skirt and slid my thong panties down and over my shoes. I slid them into my pocket and started out the door, feeling my moisture grow with each step. I returned to my seat in the conference room just as our principal started talking. I heard my phone vibrate gently in my bag and I knew you'd sent me a message. I pulled my phone out discreetly and read the message, 'good girl, tell me how wet you are.' Despite the punishment I knew I would later endure, I slid the phone back into my bag and ignored the continuing vibration of the phone until my meeting was over.

An hour later, I pulled the phone from the bag as I walked out to my car. 20 NEW MESSAGES the screen blinked. I scrolled through the messages, and one by one they grew progressively more graphic about the things you were going to do to me as punishment for my disobedience. Each message made the moisture between my legs grow, and by the time I got to my car I felt a trickle of juice run down my leg. I slid into the front seat of my tiny car and squeezed my legs together, feeling an orgasm slowly growing within me. “Not now,” I whispered to myself. I wanted to save all I had for the punishment in the form of pleasure that was sure to come.

I pulled onto my street and saw your car parked near where I usually park. I had barely pulled up on the emergency break when my door was jerked open with great force. I clicked the seat belt button, trying not to appear as startled as I felt, when you grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my car. Despite living in a popular urban neighborhood, my short one-way street was empty. You pulled my skirt up in plain view of whoever happened to walk by or be looking out there window and without any gentleness to your touch, shoved two of your fingers inside me. I gasped audibly, feeling like I would cum into your hand instantly. You pulled your fingers out of my pussy and pushed them inside my mouth, making me taste my own wetness. “Don’t fucking ignore me again.” I nodded my head, as my mouth was full of your fingers covered with my juice. Sliding your hand out of my mouth and down my arm, you grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the walkway that led to my door. As we entered the small apartment, I knew you had been waiting for me. The door had already been unlocked and my rambunctious puppy had been locked in the bedroom with his bowl of food.

I turned in an attempt to close the door, but you beat me to it, slamming it hard and then pushing your free hand on my chest to shove me back until I was against it. Your hand found the top of my button down shirt and in one swift movement, pulled it off me, sending buttons bouncing around the room. My taut nipples were poking through my bra, and you were pleased to see the effect you had on me. “Take of your fucking clothes. SLOWLY.” you ordered. I slowly unhooked my bra and slid the straps down, letting it fall to the floor. My heavy breasts fell from their entrapment, swinging slightly as I slid the navy skirt to the floor. My sandals remained on my feet, as I never knew what it was you expected from me. “Go get in the bathtub and shave yourself, I don’t want to taste any hair on you.” I did as I was told, and under your watchful eye could not contain my orgasm as my body slipped into a mild spasm. I’d been restraining myself for as long as possible, but you did not seem to care. Once my pussy was completely shaved and you were pleased with the results, I stood in the draining tub as you gently toweled my body off. You always like to ensure that I knew you wouldn’t hurt me, and often intermingled your dominance with moments of sweet tenderness. After I was dry and my hair was gently clipped up in a knot, you led me into the living room where a blanket and pillow were spread on the floor.

“Lay down.” you ordered, keeping your voice lighter than normal. I obediently dropped to the floor and lay my head back on the pillow. “Use the Astroglide and lube up your vibrator.” I turned my head to the side and noticed the toys and lubrication lying next to my head for the first time. I slid a small amount of the Astroglide into my hand and began stroking the pink vibrator as though it were your cock, wishing it were, but knowing you would not give me such pleasure at this moment. After you were satisfied with watching this, you said in a firmer voice, “Make yourself cum with your vibrator. I want to hear you cum. I want to watch.”

We had never done this, though I had masturbated while you lay next to me many times. I was surprised to see you pull a drink off the table, sit down on the couch and lean back as though preparing to watch a movie, but I began my show for you without hesitation. I slid the hard rubber vibrator inside me without turning it on, knowing through hours of practice just what worked the best for my body. I slid it in and out slowly at first, getting my pussy used to its shape and movement, before ramming it hard into myself. After pounding it several times deeply into me, I angled it back so that it just touched my g-spot. I turned on the rotating head and twitched slightly as the beginnings of an orgasm began to rise within me. The rotating tip switched directions as I expertly pushed the buttons, flipping it back and forth, working myself up into a thick wetness before hitting the vibrating button that sent shudders through my clitoris and up through my body. As I alternated the speed of the vibration, I felt my orgasm fast approaching. I pulled back slightly and slowed the vibration to let the sensation pass, then just as quickly I returned to my former pace. Before long I was pulling my legs up higher and grinding my pussy and clit on the rotating, vibrating toy as I felt moans of delight escape my throat. It took only minutes for me to scream out in an intense orgasm and I released the vibrator as I climaxed. It slid from me and fell onto the floor between my legs as I breathed in deeply, hoping to regain my breath before turning my eyes to you.

Slowly you began clapping as I glanced at you. “Excellent show,” you started. “Now I’ve got to run.” You set your drink back on the table as I stared at you in disbelief. I knew better than to speak, knew that whatever protest I had rising in my chest would be quelled shut by you instantly. I remained motionless until the door closed firmly and I knew you had gone before tears rolled down my cheeks. Though the knowledge that you would return remained in my heart, in that instant I felt mild humiliation at the show I’d just given you. I knew this was all part of your plan.

Hours later, I lit several candles and stretched out in bed, feeling much calmer. The soft glow of the room enveloped me in a comfortable, easy place and I slowly drifted off to sleep as Dave Matthews played lightly from the stereo. I fell quickly into a deeper sleep and was woken by the feel of your soft lips on my chest. I moved my hand to touch your hair when I realized you had gently tied my hands to the bedpost with silk scarves. Still groggy, I felt powerless to speak or move in anyway as your lips and tongue traced my erect nipples teasingly. Flicking with your tongue, you expertly moved down my body, purposely avoiding my already throbbing core. Down my thighs and around my entire stomach, you moved around and around, making me moan in desire. I could almost feel your tongue on me, and my hips instinctively pushed upward, longing for your mouth to find my hot center. “Not yet love…” you whispered, as your tongue moved back up my body and you latched gently onto my pierced nipple with your teeth. My gasps and moans were audible, and I knew you could tell from my slight movements that you were having your desired effect on me. You finally raised yourself so that we were face to face and I could feel your erection pressing into my hip. “Oh baby…” you began, as you traced my face lightly with your finger. “You are so beautiful.” Our lips met and parted almost automatically as our tongues hungrily found one another, both of us wanting more than we were allowing at that moment. The tip of your hard cock found my wetness and I longed to push upward and feel you inside me, knowing that I would cum instantly at your penetration. Before I succumbed to the desire to force you inside me, you slid away, your cock leaving a wet trail down my leg as you expertly worked your mouth towards my eager pussy. I moaned as your tongue made contact, and felt like I would immediately explode as you flicked and sucked my clit and open pussy lips. Your tongue slid in and out of me, then you moved up, pulling my clit into your mouth and sucking and pulling until my body was wracked in orgasm after orgasm. As I continued to convulse you slid up me quickly and shoved your throbbing cock inside me and I exploded instantly again. My screams of pleasure were all you could stand as you turned my face so that I could see your immense pleasure. With a few quick thrusts, your cum filled me, and I watched your face closely as you released. You pressed your forehead to mine as we kissed lightly, still connected. You reached up and untied my wrists without a word and I felt as though I would never want to be without you inside me again. Your fingers trailed down my face as you shifted and rolled beside me to hold me firmly in your arms.

Though I was the submissive, I knew in that moment that you were as much mine as I was yours.

innocent19735 44M

6/7/2005 6:24 pm

That was beautiful. sniff sniff

SottoExposDries 34M
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8/18/2005 2:11 pm

dnag you really do have skill as a writer. Or maybe I just like the material a lot.

rm_muchobigluv 54M
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9/27/2005 7:29 pm

This was indeed the most erotic thing I have read in a long time... Would love to meet the woman who owns this gift of passionate prose!

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