Just a little fantasy... for a special someone.  

Want_2_Feel 42F
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3/28/2005 8:27 pm

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Just a little fantasy... for a special someone.

I caught your eye from across the bar and smiled.Your friends had no idea of the connection we had formed, and it was exciting sharing this special secret. I was trying not to watch you, but found you so tatalizing that it was all I could do keep my eyes off you. My place was less than a block away and I longed to have you back there, kissing me, touching me... despite myself a small moan escaped my lips... I had to get out of here, watching you across the room was too much for me to take. With a final glance over my shoulder, I headed for the door. Stepping out into the cool night air seemed to bring me to my senses and I headed down the side street towards my place. Just as I reached the back gate, you caught me by my waist. I gasped in surprise, but didn't turn... I knew it was you by your scent. You slid your arms around me, cupping my breasts in your hands, easily finding my already erect nipples. Your breath was hot in my ear as you whispered seductively... "Were you hoping I'd follow you? Were you trying to tempt me?" My breath catches and I feel unable to answer. Staying behind me with your arm across my chest, you lead us through the partially opened gate and into my apartment. Before I can turn to face you, I feel your hand sliding down the front of my jeans. "Are you wet, my love?" I moan my response as your fingers find my soaking pussy and expertly manuver them inside me. You slide your finger in and out of me, enjoying my response. I feel your cock growing harder, pressing against my lower back and I long to feel you... moving my hands behind me, I unfasten your belt and pants and slide them down as best I can... you stiffen further as my hands find you and I back up until I feel you hit the wall... I slide down, shifting your hand out of my pants and pull you deeply into my mouth. I love the taste of you, and your moans of pleasure encourage me to continue swirling my hot tongue around you. Playing with you, teasing you, I get you as hard as you've ever been... and rise up to kiss you passionately. Knowing how your kisses excite me, you back us through the kitchen and into the bedroom until I am standing just beside the bed. You slide my jeans down and gently pull them over my feet. With your hand on my back, you gently lay me down on the bed and lean over me... your hard cock slides slowly inside me and I moan with pleasure. You pull my legs up so that you can be deeper inside me, sliding in and out of me...
I can't control it and I begin to lose myself in an intense orgasm. As if in response to my tightening pussy, you begin to pulsate and moan, and I can tell you will be cumming any second. With incredible intensity, we orgasm together and collapse from exhaustion.

Hours later, I wake to find you buried next to me under the blankets, a cool summer night breeze blows in through the slightly opened window. I slide the covers down to take in your gorgeous naked body and find myself unable to resist touching you. Though you haven't yet stirred, you harden in your sleep, somehow knowing that my hand is tracing slowly down your somach. I lean over and begin kissing you, hovering just above you I slide my mouth slowly down your body, my nipples grazing along your stomach, down over you until my mouth comes to rest on your cock. I taste juice leaking from your head and lower myself down further until you are fully inside my mouth. Your body responds instantly to my mouth and you slowly begin to rouse from your sleep. My hands roam your body, enjoying the softness of your skin, the light touches arouse you further. I slide up next to you and continue sliding my hands around your body as our lips find one another in the dark room. Our kisses intensify and you roll towards me and manuver me so that I am on my knees in front of you. You know my every turn on, know that I love the feeling of you behind me... with little effort, you slide inside me, pulling my hips back so that I am bouncing on your cock. I love the feeling of you cumming inside me and I beg you to fuck me until you do. You happily oblige and fill me with your cum before sliding down and licking my pussy, dripping with our combined juices. Your tongue slides in and out of me, flicking my clit and lips until I scream out in an intense orgasm. Unable to speak, I lay exhuasted on my back. You slide up next to me, rest your head on the pillow next to mine, and slide your hand across me, coming to rest on my stomach as we once again drift off into dreaming.

PonyBoy821 48M
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3/28/2005 9:32 pm

Awsome Story.

I give you 10 stars **********
on a scale of 1 to 5.


rm_PeteRo69247 34M/30F

3/28/2005 9:48 pm

good story, but is it true??

MrSocialDvnt 39M

3/29/2005 4:41 pm

Very intense I have to say you got my heart started with your elegant command of vocabulary. So are you as vocal when in your throws?

Want_2_Feel 42F

3/30/2005 4:38 pm

Thanks for the compliments... the story isn't true, which is why in the title it says FANTASY. And MrSocialDvnt, I am VERY vocal.

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