A continuation of the Oral Story...  

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A continuation of the Oral Story...

I woke several hours later to the sound of quiet music playing from the stereo and another empty bed. My heart seemed to stop beating as I listened intently to see if you were still here... Finally, I heard you rustling around in the kitchen, and I breathed a sigh of relief. You appeared in the doorway completely naked and smiled. "Hello gorgeous," you said sweetly as you walked towards the bed and leanded towards me, kissing me gently on the lips. "You were so beautiful lying there sleeping... so peaceful. I couldn't bear to wake you."
"What time is it?" I asked as I stretched sleepily and tried to reach toward you.
"Nearly midnight. I can't stay all night again my love. You know that." Despite my desire to remain calm, tears sprang to my eyes. I wanted you to be with me all the time, how could I keep allowing myself to get deeper into this romance with you? "Baby," you started, looking at me with concern. "You know I have to go home. But you also know I don't want to." I nodded, not trusting my voice to speak. I did know, how could I not when I was continually reminded of that fact? I rested my head back on my pillow and closed my eyes, not wanting you to see my sadness. I heard you turn and walk from the room, and moments later heard you return. Despite my curiosity, I forced myself to keep my eyes closed, knowing that seeing you could make the tears overflow. I heard the flick of the lighter and knew you were lighting more candles, but still I kept my eyes shut.
As I lay with my arms still above my head, struggling to remain calm, I felt the soft comforter you had bought for us slide down my naked skin, and suddenly I was exposed. Knowing you were enjoying me, I remained motionless, not daring to even peek at you. Gasping with sudden shock, I felt something cold run onto my breasts, and my nipples were instantly erect. As if knowing what I needed, I felt your lips close around the moisture on my nipple, gently biting and tugging on it while your hand gently massaged the other one. You switched sides, as you always did, feeling that each nipple needed it's own attention. I could feel your cock growing hard on my thigh as you stretched your long body out next to mine. Your fingers linked through mine intimately, then released and slid down my arm, along the side of my breasts, down my entire body and slowly you slid your hand back up, this time on the inside of my leg. Your touch was so light, it was as though you almost weren't touching me at all, but the electricity that lightness caused was felt in my core. By passing my throbbing pussy, ran your hand up my stomach, under my chin, and onto my face. You lightly brushed the moisture from the unshed tears from the corners of my eyes and slid your thumb into my mouth. Simulating what I would do to your cock, I pulled your thumb in deeper, swirling and licking until you removed it, trailing my own saliva down onto my still rigid nipples. You took your time, working me up so that you knew I would soon beg you to be inside me, but didn't speak. Your tongue replaced your fingers as you began kissing me down my entire body and again back up. You avoided my pussy because you knew how to tease me, how to make me beg you. Our tongues found one another and danced playfully in one another's mouths, flicking and nibbling... enjoying the taste of one another. As your hands continued to roam, I moaned, "Please, love..."
"Please?" you whispered quietly. "Please what? What do you want me to do to you?"
"Please..." I groaned again, but you would not relent. You wanted me to tell you what I needed. "I need you..." I started, as I felt my body begin to quiver though you had yet to touch my wetness.
"What do you need me to do, sweet girl?"
"I need you... to... to... I need to feel you..." I felt unable to complete a sentence, so overcome by the desire to have you inside me.
"I need to feel you inside me." I pleaded.
"Ah..." you whispered, as you slid your tongue down my body once more, this time I could feel you hovering above me, making me crave the weight of you. You stopped just above my pussy and I could feel your hot breath on me. I resisted the temptation to push upward towards your face, as I knew you were enjoying the tease as much as I. Your tongue danced playfully around my pussy lips, up to my clitoris and back down again, never allowing yourself to do too much, making me wimper and moan as I desired much more than you were offering me. Skin to skin, I felt you slide back up so that our faces were close to touching and I could feel your erection resting on my moisture. "Do you want me now?" you asked in a voice full of emotion.
"Yes..." I moaned.
You slid your long cock inside me slowly, teasing me as I squirmed. I wanted, I needed to feel all of you, but still I resisted the urge to make you take me faster than you were... Finally, you were completely inside of me and I could take no more. My pelvis thrust forward as my body was consumed in an intense orgasm, my pussy tightening around your hard cock. I wrapped my legs around you, longing to take more of you inside me as I came. "That's a good girl," you whispered in my ear. "I want you to roll over and keep your arms above you." You slid out of me and raised up slightly so that I could follow your direction. I rolled to my stomach and felt your hands on my hips, elevating my ass just slightly. Your cock found my aching pussy once more as you quickly pushed yourself back inside me. This time, you fucked me hard, and within minutes I felt you tense up and I knew you were going to cum. You pulled my hips hard into you so that you were as far inside me as possible before exploding. Your warm cum filled my hot pussy and I didn't want you to pull out just yet, enjoying the feeling of our juices inside me. Still connected, you laid down on top of me, our sweaty skin sticking together intimately. "Don't go yet." I breathed, as I drifted off.
"Never." you whispered back. Once again, we drifted to sleep in the warm room, still connected.

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Parts of this can become reality....just get in touch and it will!!

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