The sexiest look anybody ever gave me...  

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9/5/2006 6:45 am

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The sexiest look anybody ever gave me...

...was at the gym. I was walking across the floor with a weight in my hand, but far heavier than the weight was the force of my lover's stare.

We had been together for a couple of months then. You know how it is in the beginning...the desire that threatens to tear you apart...whose release is like an explosion of stars in your skull.

I had to look up. And when I did, I was frozen. Her face was fierce, scary...and beautiful. She was looking at me with anger, and the sight of it was like a slap. But behind the anger was need. Need so intense that I suddenly felt very hot in my groin. And then I understood the anger. Anger at the loss of control. Anger at the power that I held over her...that even though I "wasn't her type," that she had fallen for me, and that she couldn't be without me.

I wanted to rush over to take her into my arms and say no no don't worry...this power is a gift I won't's one that I will pay with love returned tenfold. But the raw power of her stare rooted me to the floor, and I would have stayed there forever holding that weight in suspended animation until my joints fused.

Time wouldn't stand still for us. And it ended that moment as it had to. But even if no one ever looks at me again the way she did, I will have missed nothing.

crazygurl2xx 57F

9/5/2006 7:26 am

that's really sweet and hot, deep,insightful and tender.

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