The Friendfinder Lottery  

Wakimemofurazu 42M
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8/6/2006 8:18 am
The Friendfinder Lottery

So I was looking at the number of members in Tokyo. 100,000 men and 4,000 women. Doing the math, that means that if every guy sends only one email on any given day, every female member is going to get an average of 25 emails every day.

I'm not sure that sounds like fun. It kind of sounds like a lot of work. I guess that explains why (name omitted) didn't answer my email. Or maybe it was because I told her about the voices in my head. I guess I'll never know. And neither will I.

Anyway, in great empathy for the burden all our manly lust is on you women, I've decided to adopt a new strategy. From now on, if I like you, I will reward you by NOT sending you any emails. I'm sure that my kind gesture will make you want to sleep with me.

And don't worry about overloading my inbox. I only get one twenty-fifth of one email every day.

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