Looking for the best street Pizza.  

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6/6/2006 8:32 pm

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Looking for the best street Pizza.

There is a book called "When I am old I will wear purple" (or qwords to that effect). It is an enpowering tome for older women who seek to affirm their own unique level of eccentricity in the face of encroaching years.

I Salute this book and what iot stands for and I bemoan the lack of a masculine counterpart.

By my actions tonight though I may have come up with a start on complementary time. I will Call it

"In search of the best street Pizza".

Let me explain

When I was younger and I saw my contemporaries learning to ride motorcycle, and watch so many zoom by at excessive speed whilst wearing only shorts and a T-shirt I would scoff. It was a self rightous scoff. A migthy scoff. A scoff that came from one who had helped his brother pick gravel out of his flesh after a fall when similarly attired. I, of course was smarter then all them. I would ALWAYS wear leather and armor against such things. I was 19 and would live FOREVER.

Imortality though is a accoutrement of the young though and with every scar we lose a little more grasp on the concept. Each accident ot broken bone moves us another sqaure on the chessboard of our lives from such fancies.

Tonight I had to vote and the price of gas makes my transportation to the polling place obvious, yellow, 650cc and two wheeled. I grabbed my helmet and slung my leg over my Nippon steed, wearing a Varsity jacket, shorts and Vans with holes in them. Other riders saw me and scoffed. I felt awkward for a moment at a stoplight when a suitably dressed Harley Rider pulled up beside me. That faded though in the face of the California breeze accross my knees and the uninsulated flow of life in my lungs.

If I fell when dressed like that I would be street pizza, with an extra helping of gravel.

But I didn't fall, and the air was glorious. I would have shocked my 19 year old self if he saw me, but I escaped his gaze and grabbed a healthy handfull of throttle.

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