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2/14/2006 8:31 pm

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A brutal Valentines Day...
A girl I've been playing with weekly asked me if I wanted to go out this week and I said sure, how about on Valentines Day, we'll do a movie, dinner, drinks, whatever you like.
She said she already had plans.
Why not say, hey, howzabout we go out Thurs or Fri? And not leave me open to asking about Tuesday and getting rejected.
Actually no one has wished me a Happy Valentines Day. I guess it's just another day, sorta like Christmas or New Years Eve and there's nothing special about them if you're by yourself is there?
So, I rented a couple of 'shoot em up' movies and have a half bottle of wine(See what you're missing Angie)
Have a nice Valentines Evening everyone!

15th, 10:30PM- She just made up for it, I have nothing to complain about at all now. She exausted me then gave me a full body massage afterwards.

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