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3/6/2006 9:07 am

First, I was suprised that John Stewart didn't roast the President and his administration, being inept, greedy, devious, and probably criminal in their actions and virtually transparent with their untruths and propaganda, would have been verrrrrrry easy targets.
Second I was suprised that 'It's hard out there for a pimp' won best song, the performance onstage at the Oscars wasn't very good, you had to see the movie 'Hustle and Flow' to appreciate the song and to understand it. I acutally liked it in the movie.
Last I liked the speeches of George Cluny and Reese Witherspoon, espousing tolerance of other races and cultures and of family values.
I guess I'm not much of a critic but that's my take on the evening.

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