Citizens Arrest  

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5/10/2006 11:45 pm

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Citizens Arrest

This girl I met in Venice a few years back was such a user I finally said, to her face "you are a soulless userbitch" and I never have let it go to that degree before, I sugar coat it, "I can't afford to date you" "you should find someone with a bigger income" that kind of stuff.
Well, her reply was immediate. "Ok, can I have $20 for some food and beer?"
Anyway, we never were close or intimate in any way other than in conversational ways, but she did impress me with one thing she said.
She tried to do a citizen's arrest on George W Bush, our criminal President! Wow! A girl with balls!
She was detained by the Secret Service for 12 hours then released. The last I saw of her she was going to Texas to overthrow the government(of the US, Texas, Mexico...???)and I never heard from her again.
Ok, to the point. She was a flake and wasn't taken seriously by the SS, but what if she wasn't a flake?
What if real, mentally competent individuals went to the White House and asked to see the arch criminal George W Bush for the purpose of performing a citizen's arrest on him for, well dozens of things now. If the Democrats get control of the congress, and I think that they will then it won't be necessary to organize something like that, but wouldn't it be something to have hundreds of honest American citizens waiting in line outside the White House waiting to arrest the President?
I can't afford the gas to get there but maybe someone in D. C. who isn't investing $3.19/gallon to enrich future generations of Bushes and Chenneys could take my place if it happens(it would all be perfectly legal I think)
Anyway I hope I can find her photo, can't remember her name, but the one thing to remember her by is her attempt to arrest the biggest criminal on the planet.......

I saw this girl last week, talked to her and guess what? She's still a soullessuserbitch, go figure!

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