Avian/bird flu Survuval Guide  

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Avian/bird flu Survuval Guide

by Babadave




Avian Influenza/Bird Fluis where I started posting bird flu info, I'm adding it to Herbal & OTC Remedies and here on my blog, there is alot to learn about surviving this disease, not just the virus but the body's reaction to it, the Cytokine Storm which causes your immune system to attack and kill your own organs.

What if the government doesn't come up with any vaccine? A comment from one of the experts on flu and epidemiology was quoted as saying 'We're screwed!'
Are you going to settle for that answer when there are things you can buy to prevent you from getting bird flu or surviving it if you get it? The government couldn't do anything for the million plus Katrina victims, do you think they'll do anything when this pandemic hits and there is no vaccine, no effective treatment?
They're screwed but we don't have to be, learn how to survive this, prevent it, effectively treat the symptoms and effects ourselves(just in case the government doesn't come up with something that will give immunity or can effectively treat 300 million people before this pandemic strikes)There have been 135 known cases so far and 69 deaths, learn how to increase your odds of surving.
Lets say your body has an infection and a message is sent to your immune system to send out a SWAT team to take care of it. This is the way your body works with a normal infection.
Lets say your body has an Avian flu infection, a message is sent to your immune system to give every moron they can find a dozen hand grenades. This is a poor analagy but maybe you can get some kind of idea of why Avian/bird flu is so deadly.
The occurrence of a “cytokine storm” has been suggested as an explanation for the devastating nature of the 1918 flu and perhaps H5N1.
So what is a cytokine storm? From a clinical perspective, a cytokine storm describes an immune system that has over-reacted and is damaging the body, causing failure of multiple organ systems. Ordinarily a cytokine storm is a rare event, which means there are few opportunities to study them, so we do not fully understand how they happen. The term “cytokine storm” is not precisely defined, referring to a particular kind of uncontrolled immune response. Cytokine storms can happen rapidly and patients who suffer them have high mortality(death rate). Because we lack knowlege, we don’t know the best way to treat the condition. Influenza is thought to be one of the rare conditions able to cause a cytokine storm.
Why not really use your computer, your web browser is right up there on your toolbar. Type in bird flu, follow the posts on some discussion board, learn how to combat this if and when it comes our way. Maybe someone could jump in here and help me research this, or
maybe you can just wait till you and your family get it and go to the hospital for whatever treatments the government has finally scraped together for us, if you can fight your way though the crowd trying to get help for themselves.
Viruses can disrupt the body in many ways. They take over cells, using our energy and biochemicals to reproduce themselves. This is enough to result in some cell death, and is not a good thing. But usually, virus become lethal when they produce a toxin or disrupt the regulation of one of the bodies systems.
Most of the research into the H5N1 virus suggests that this virus actually overstimulates the immune system, and that the body kills itself while trying to eliminate the avian flu infection, recent research suggests that one cytokine is more important than the others in humans infected with H5N1 avian flu: Tumor Necrosis Factor, TNF.
Stopping TNF is a major concern in keeping avian flu from killing.
Here are some herbal and OTC(over the counter)ways I've found.
Curcumin is the compound that gives turmeric spice its bright yellow appearance. It has been used in herbal medicine for a variety of inflammatory conditions, including fever, arthritis, and psoriasis. Curcumin blocks TNF but is not absorbed by the body well unless you take it with a small amount of black pepper. Some commercial capsules include pepper in their preparations, be sure you do too.
Skullcap and also Passionflower herbs contain methoxy-flavones which slows TNF production and they are both mildly relaxing and sedating. It may be good to sip these herbal teas for several reasons.
Resveratrol is a compound found in large amounts in red wine, grape seeds, and Japanese knotweed. Resveratrol is known to be absorbed into the blood, and it is believed to be part of the "French Paradox" where many people in France eat a high fat diet, yet have low rates of heart disease.
The root of Japanese knotweed (Polygonum multiflorum aka "He Sho Wu" ) is the richest known source of resveratrol. It has long been used in a variety of herbal medicines in China and Japan, where it is considered a tonic and life prolonging plant, resveratrol also sends a message to cells to stop manufacturing viruses.
Cranberry juice/extracts, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, and elderberry/Sambucol are also being studied, I'll keep you posted.
Statin drugs do this too, ask your doctor about getting a cholesterol lowering drug if you want to get a supply of statin drugs.
If you're interested in surviving this if it happens please do some research and let me know what you've found out. The information we need is out there, can we find it in time?

Fighting the flu itself;

I've already posted cimetidine's uses against herpes in all forms, it's Tagamet, the stomach acid reducer that you can buy in it's generic form at any drugstore or Wal-mart and it's cheap. Cimetidine's beneficial side effect is to boost immune function by reducing T-supressor cells, keeping the immune systen in a hyperactive state.
1. Read the package insert for contraindications, if you should not take this DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!
2. Read the package insert for anythng you take.
3. Verify any information you hear(including this)Look it up on your web browser.
4. DON'T start taking megadoses of these things right now! Read the whole blog post and start with lower doses and go up if you develop symptoms.
Suggested dosage is 800 mg/day for cimetidine but be sure to take one tablet before you start the high dosage to see if you have any reaction to it.

BOTH Pure Gar and Kyolic garlic extracts, each has antiviral activities and they are different due to their processing, you need both. With the Pure Gar you will have 'garlic breath' and you need to take them with a full meal, it's very strong garlic extract.

DHEA,(see detailed post Herbal & OTC Remedies) one of your body's own hormones avaliable at any drugstore which increases the body's own immune response.

Melatonin, another of our own hormones that is produced by the body when it gets dark and causes us to sleep, take this only at night before sleep. Melatonin also causes a great immune response and allows the body to regenerate itself with restful sleep.

Zinc lozenges, zinc inhibits viruses from latching onto cells and can be taken as a daily suppliment or as zinc lozenges. No more than a dozen lozenges a day when you have flu or cold symptoms.
Do not take large doses of zinc for an extended period of time, zinc in large doses is toxic.
Multivitamin pill, people who take a multivitamin every day are sick 1/3 as often as those who don't take a vitamin, CentraVite, Central Vite, and Centrum are all the same and provide most of what a person needs to stay healty. The generic and store brands are cheap and every big chain has them.

How do we get the flu? Colds? Airborne is a possibility but the most likely way we get sick is from touching something that a sick person has touched and passing the virus to ourselves by touching our eye, mouth, nose, any moist area on our bodies or eating food we've touched without washing our contaminated hands.

Prescription medicines are one of the best ways to treat most illnesses and if they are avaliable use them. Any of these over the counter treatments can be used too. Use common sense, wash your hands before eating even a snack from the machine, after being in a public place, using a cart or basket at the grocery. Most of all, be aware of your health, if you feel bad check your temperature.
Bird Flu Symptoms;
1 Fever, often 100-106 degrees(F)
2 Body aches, muscle pain in arms, legs and back
3 Fatigue, malaise, inability to do anything without becoming fatigued
4 Headache
The above are the initial symptoms, later you will develop a sore throat and a dry hacking cough which may develop into the following(This is why you should aggressively treat the earliest symptoms)You may develop a lower respiratory tract infection(severe pneumonia)which rapidly worsens, then diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain, this means you have secondary problems and is a very bad sign. Learn how to prevent these secondaries and you will probably not have a problem surviving this flu.

There have been 135 bird flu cases world wide and over half of those have resulted in death. Almost none of those so far infected have had access to either the Rx's in a timely manner or any of these over the counter treatments and sanitation where these cases were are not the equal of those here. We have an advantage, lets use it.
Wash your hands before eating and after being in a public place or near someone with flu symptoms.
Be aware of your body and your personal health, and that of others around you.
Know the over the counter medicines and treatments that are avaliable.
Have access to a health professional who can provide you with any effective prescription drug if they are avaliable and in good supply. Currently there isn't enough to go around, but don't fear, Dick Chenney has bought quite a bit of stock in the company that makes the Rx drug Tamiflu and knowing Bush/Chenney and their love of money and power there may be enough to go around if you're wealthy or a Republican/Evangelical Christian.
Good luck to all of you.

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