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Did you know that there is a type of tomatoe plant that, when attacked by catipillars, will produce a substance identical to the pheremone(sexual attractant)of a parasitic wasp that will come and find the catipillar, sting it into unconsciousness, deposit it's eggs into the catipillar's body, thus saving the tomatoe plant and producing a new generation of wasps? I guess you knew that already.
Well, plants are amazing, flowers will get you great response from the girls, fruits and veggies are cosmicly healthy and delicious, trees produce lumber, oxygen, shade, windbreaks, and are nice to look at. Mankind has used plants since the begining for food and shelter, clothing, tools, weapons. You can even use them for medicines....
Nowdays synthetic chemicals are leading the medical markets though plant products still have great healing properties. Why? MONEY. Yes, MONEY, pharmaceudical companies make tons of MONEY on drugs they produce for doctors to prescribe to you, and they fix the problem usually. Is everyone happy with that? 93% of you? Great, have good lives, I'm happy for you.
Hmmm, that leaves 7% that want more, better, healthier. Before I go on I want to say that I do recomend you see a doctor for medical problems, however, if you don't like what they have to say or offer to cure you, whatever, there are alternatives.
Home remedies, homeopathic, naturopathic, herbs, essential oils, and easily obtainable alternative medicines and substances. I plan to look at these in the near future and post my findings here.
If you want to let us in on any 'cure' you may know of please let us know(like barberry or oregon grape capsule 1/2 hour before meals to rid yourself of acne)for example.
Lets get proactive, help each other, tell your friend with some problem that you've used this substance to take care of it. What could it hurt to help someone with a kind word, a little information......~baba

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