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8/29/2005 3:45 pm

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no idea right now

ok..first post...have no idea what I am going to say...but, have to go do laundry for the neww week...lucky me got Monday off. Funny, we need a weekend from our weekends...nice weather this weekend...I took a drive to Auburn, CA and back this weekend, 1st time off in a very long time, was fun and was the first long drive in the truck...made it in 6 hrs....I drive fast.

But, coming back it was 106 in Bakersfield Area, I don't really use the a/c...I think it's a guy thing.

The drive made me realize how the majority of drivers, can't drive; Well, I realize that daily. There is nothing more frustrating than someone who is in the fast lane or the car pool lane and going slower than the slow lane!! My GOD!! Don't they see the sign, slower traffic keep right? Or, the person who, for no reason at all that you can see, decides to change into your lane when you're 100 feet from them....WHY!? There is no one near them?

But, that's just me...

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