Scouting Mission  

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9/25/2005 10:20 am

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Scouting Mission

Being bored with the strip club where she works at and the other local options available here L decided to drag me out last night to Buffalo to see what the clubs there had to offer. Maybe drag is the wrong word, I am a guy after all so it doesn't take much arm twisting to get me out to look at half naked woman.
After wasting a couple of hours waiting for her best friend and co-worker to finally tell u that he can't go after making us stay around telling us she is coming, just need time to get ready we finally hit the road at a 11:30.
A new couple just opened recently in Buffalo and we have heard some mixed reviews about it, so we decided to check that one out first, seeing that new clubs generate crowds just on the new factor, and to a dancer crowds mean money.
Just as expected it was PACKED on a saturday night, had to drive around the lot three times just to find a spot to park.
The club was medium-large sized for a club in Western NY well decorated to suit its theme. The stage wa huge, lots of room for tippers to get up there and give the girls their proper respect, ie money. Two beautiful brass poles that must have been 15 feet in height, lots and lots of room for the girls to slide down and do multiple tricks on one trip down. Plenty of tables and seating, the bar itself could have been a little bigger and not right instead the door so dont get the bottleneck of traffic that it creates. Although there was a small little stage with a pole at the far end of the bar for another girl to play on. A few nice big comfy couches grouped together for a group of friends to be able to sit and enjoy the festivities together. And a pool table conviently tucked into the back corner. The lighting and sound system was state of the art and the best either of us have seen to date in a strip club. Two levels of lap dances, the regular same old thing you see in every club, and a champagne room.

But the most impressive thing was to be found in the men's room. There you will find a close-circuit tv with a view of what is going on up on stage. Excellent idea, don't miss a thing even when you are relieve yourself. Only downside could be alot of poor aiming do to the distraction. Didnt seem to be too big of a problem tho, the bathroom was clean, well lite and decorated and very spacious.

The conflicting reports we had heard about revolve around the clientele, where another of her co-workers went to check it out during the week and found the crowd to be young and urban. Which generally means not the greatest money, and all of shit to put up with. From what we saw the crowd wa s wonderful on Sat, Late 30's to early 50's upscale suburban, businessmen, generally a good sign for some money in there.

Overall we found this club to be excellent, and the fact that we saw some familiar faces in the girls, dj, and waitstaff, L will feel comfortable there right away.

So I guess you can call this a successful scouting mission. L is already recruiting a couple of girls to make the trip out there with her next weekend with us. Should be a good time, good money, and if we can talk them into getting a hotel room with us GOOD SEX!

well look for the follow up to this with the results of our pillaging.

mucho besos,

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