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Along the foggy hallways, the ghosts I meet greet me as one of their own.
Extending with ethereal arms their sunlight offerings which mean nothing to me.
Together we search the distant watchtowers for some sign of desperate news.
The voices tell me in wispy whispers that I should be afraid of this meeting.
Their silent, cloudy words diffuse with the air before my listening eyes.
We peer out at the world while standing marooned upon our islands of vagrant thoughts.
Caught between the silver promise of paradise and the fear of earthly damnation.
I watch a full, pale moon as large as a fist glow in the raven-black heavens.
A light flickers from a balcony across the courtyard and know the room well.
Entranced, I stare at the shadow of my lover moving about behind the draped windows.
Not taking my eyes from her dark silhouette I smile knowing the one thing Death doesn’t end.
True love.
The light goes out and my attention is drawn to the star-tipped candles that burn around me.
My companions dance as puffs of smoke against the chamber’s walls.
The room swirls and swims as the voice of the past screams in my soul.
Everything goes black and I find that I’m once again all alone.
It’s way past midnight, almost dawn as I leave the now-empty house of my birth.

deliciouslybibbw 48F

9/3/2006 11:33 pm

This one is my favorite. It keeps calling me back to read it over and over again.

Very nice WK..and I don't hear the voices in the poems. I hear something else.

I'm a good girl with very bad intentions!!

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