I re-read my last post  

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8/9/2006 8:59 pm

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I re-read my last post

I just re-read my last post. I must come across like some Chicken Little, predicting the sky is falling. Well, maybe it is, and maybe it isn't. I am reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (Wm. Shirer, publ. 1959). The parallels between post-9/11 America and pre-Nazi Germany are alarming.

Both sides have a leader who got into power by giving the Law a serious twist in the shorts (read Supreme Injustice by Dershowitz for the details; Hitler was elected Kanzler, but should not have been President also).

Both sides feel democracy has failed (do we really believe the gov't represents US?).

Both have a leader who is intent on concentrating power in the Administrative arm of the government.

Both have revamped the secret police.

Both have passed sweeping new law enforcement powers.

Both have claimed that outside forces are out to destroy us.

Both have the population largely sitting on the sidelines saying nothing; those who do are voices in the wilderness.

Both sides provoked a war that the people did not want. The difference is that Hitler was a genius for taking the measure of a man, sizing him up, and psyching him out, and his rhetorical style was much better. He thought he could pull off Poland without shooting, but the Poles were too stubborn for him. Bush, Texan that he is, shot first and asked questions later, if at all.

One thing is for sure: Bush is first President since Nixon who has tried to centralize more and more power in the White House. It got somewhat decentralized after Nixon, but Bush is going for the "Imperial" presidency. Sorry. After Watergate, I disagree. The more the power is decentralized, the better, especially with the way technology can be misused by the gov't these days to keep an eye on us. It already is. You can guess how much information marketers have on you; the gov't has a lot more.

Sure, the Privacy Act is _supposed_ to keep one government agency from feeding information to another (which contributed to 9/11), but ask me if I believe they don't.

Pardon me. I think my cynicism is showing. Again. Sigh.

Torture went out of style after the Enlightenment. Now we're bringing it back publicly. Religion ruled then, and it's starting to rule again. Must be time for another Dark Age. I better start brushing up on my martial skills. You never know when trial by combat will come back into vogue. You can tell I'll be a king. I won't have shi' all o'er me. (Thanks for the line, Eric Idle)

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