Am I the only one?  

VoluptuousXotic 40F
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10/25/2005 8:40 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Am I the only one?

I believe in sponteneity. I am highly sexually driven and lord knows my mind races with fantasy at least 30 times a day. BUT does anyone else cringe at the thought of meeting someone specifically for sex?

My thoughts when creating my profile...I want a man who views sex as I do, critical, passionate, freaky and sensual. However I want a man, as in "mine." Whether I share him with others is a given, but I want to build something of substance with the understanding that sex, and the type of sex we engage in, is very important and our compatibility should be measured up front.

Does that mean I want to cyber with you? No. Does that mean I want to discreetly meet you so that your wife is unaware? Hell no! Does that mean when we meet for dinner I will sneak under the table and give you the head of your life? No (well not the first date he he).

I am waiting for a highly sexual man who has his business in order, has varied interests, has a LIFE, but daydreams about me and how much fun we will have together WHATEVER we do. Though sex is a major part of what our relationship is, it is everything else that we share that makes "us" so special. Anyone can eat me, fuck me and call me later, but not just anyone can intrigue me, keep me mentally stimulated and have me constantly wondering what comes next...

Am I the only one?

rm_deepakdoctor 37M
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10/25/2005 2:18 pm

hi this a new guy around i have already started bein in day dreams
can we be friends

realmom2 58M/50F

10/25/2005 3:13 pm

I think what you're looking for is called a "husband". Good luck in your search.

letsgoforit964 52M
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10/25/2005 4:14 pm

No baby your not the only one. What you ask should be a given. Nothing is better than stimulating a partner mentally as well as physically. Showing your partner how desirable she is and making her feel the best she can. If done right she will think of you wondering what you will do next to show desire and need. Treating you right in and out of bed is key because nothing is better than thinking about how much you want to be with someone who is thinking the same thing and planning to surprise her.

_pretty_fly_guy 31M
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10/25/2005 5:03 pm

yeah some people here just meet for sex but i do believe that others trully do want to meet people for friendships and forfulling relationships.

69onMyFaceGirl 48M

11/25/2005 6:19 am

No sister, what you speak of is attainable, albeit, a very small percentage of the people on this site won't have the stamina or the inclination to go through this process. The "process" is really about self awareness. I am cut from the same cloth as you sweetheart. I have been on and off of AdultFriendFinder for a couple of years and only meet one lady has similar interest as ours. Over the years, I have reworded my profile to meet the "high interest" babes, thinking that if I said this right or worded my statement this way, or that way that I would "pull" me one, in short, get laid. What I have found that works best is to be certain what I want out of the relationship and present it from that perspective and hold on until you connect with someone who "vibes" with you. Be true to self and all else will follow. Don't be double minded in what you want, be true to self and all else will flow. I do not know if I got of point. I am in one of those "talkative" moods. Anyway, good post baby.

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