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Two left . . .

Like A Fire (Ashley's Edit)

Like a fire we both burn
The fuel away until it’s gone
Like we’re used to, no control,
The wind directs us when it blows
Wasted goals
I won’t make you, rules can’t break you
You are bound to more important things than words
But what is real? Reality hides behind a front.
No one saw the crimes as they were done.
I’ve walked your roads, Just not as far,
Just not as long, I run away I know it’s wrong.
Are you so certain the rules were made to be broken,
A whole wide world of consequence if you stay,
Well paid to move on,
Hide away that bitter pill, the truth,
As I prove it, you'll burn to the ground,
But even fire’s proof just fades away,
as time rolls on.

Like a fire burns away,
Like the sunlight turns to shade -
The warmness from you fades away while you are gone,
And my love grows cold sitting on this shelf you put it on
To dance around.
You know I tried to talk about it,
You hid the past behind your mask
Before you played me
An easy game played many times -
Fun with pretend love,
The lies, and cash until I’m out.
Would the whole wide world have just burned to the ground,
If you let yourself be given away instead of bought?
When your memories of wrong see the light,
Do the angry changes come out?
Do reminders of history trigger them?
It’s hard to think that love could persevere through all this greed.
Could there be a chance
Was fear of loneliness that drove you to me?
Is “I love you” just another tool for you to drill for what you want from them?
I know I complicate things.
Like a fire, truth will melt your masks and show your face,
A torch that never fades until it burns your hiding place to the ground.

Like a fire, ever changing,
Like the sunlight, rainbows hiding ‒
You disappear for weeks - no answer on your phone,
You aren’t at work, and no one’s home.
Finally you call: I ask you, “Did you lie to me? Are you even who you claim to be?”
You said you left (him) to be with me,
But here’s his message from your phone
It reads quite clear as proof you stayed.
You claim foul play, say trust and stay,
But my heart waits here on this shelf you made,
Well played and then ignored like a toy.
You lied so many times to me, I’m sick of your conspiracies.
Another play to hide the truth your tainted lips breed nothing but “buy it for me.”
No love, no truth, no monogamy, no show, most times,
10 dates last fall that you found time to make, and break.
More this year, you made it clear with hesitance - you’re unsure whose conception died.
The facts don’t check against the fakes you cried.
Must be ok, now you’re numb and far away
Another 10 mixed up pills - faded, jaded senses.
You only complicate things

Like a fire, you have burned me,
Nothing left but ash to take.

Like a fire sparks again
Like the sunlight beaming in
I call and you return to me but
I don’t know if you are who you say
The truth it hides behind the lies
As the winter fades away to spring
You starve yourself, I cry at night
I can not see your eyes when you tell me things
The time’s still spent with others again
And I wonder if the feeling’s real
Well I know myself and I can’t deal
With broken lines and half told truth
The prayer on my lips goes through my heart
And out to you
Faith only complicates things
Like a fire faith will burn you.
Like a fire faith will burn me.

AAAAAAlmost done . . . Final (song) version next.

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