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8/8/2005 7:32 pm

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OK a little more,

(Started while internet radio plays Dido, White Flag followed by Chevelle's Panic Prone)

Like Empty, these were written for a "band" I used to be a part of called Far Too Awake. These songs are and always will be dedicated to TLR.

Hubris (Change You)

Seems like just the other day,
I was talking to you,
There's the pause (for a minute)
While people think
about what to say,
about what to do.

If I offered to meet the both of you,
There shouldn't be a pause,
For I've no jealousy,
Though jealousy comes from lack of trust,
And none of your promises came true.

What if I had asked if,
We could me alone?
Would you spend some,
Time with me?

Stay. Stay.
Won't you Stay? Stay.
My time's not wasted on you.
Is it?

So I told you I was going away,
Run away. Run away. Made you think that I would go alone.
That's not my song, now, is it? No. Can't even write a lie,
To right a wrong, without facing the phoenix,
Rising on the hill.

Free will is not my gift,
To take away. Please stay. Stay.
My time's not wasted on you.
Is it?

Sometimes I consider you to be,
A million people,
Wrapped all in one.
You're all the things you've seen and heard,
Touched and smelled,
Oh, and dreamed.
You're all the things you've said and done.
Your memories, thoughts and moods,
Red and blue.
Still I hope that deep inside,
there's a piece of me in you.

On the Inside

Everything I need is here,
But the thing I'm going to do,
Is leave now since you're not here,
Seems like you're never coming home.
I prayed that you would come back for so long.

I was so wrong.
I'm on the inside of you, now.
Don't let it go away.

Long ago I thought that you
And I were meant to be.

I found we weren't the ones,
who'd gracefully,
Entwine into each other's arms,
Different worlds, so easily.

I'm on the inside of you, now.
Don't let it slip away.

I am happy that you're happy.
and I am not angry that you're gone,
I just haven't said I love you for so long,
Goodbye still sounds wrong.

It's all that I can do.
I'm on the inside of you, now.
Don't let that go away.

All I really need.
I'm on the inside of you now.
Don't let it go away.

(Finished while internet radio plays Jodeci Forever My Lady)

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