OK, I know - I'm late, get over it  

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8/20/2005 6:17 pm

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OK, I know - I'm late, get over it

There are SEVERAL versions of this, and I will (sometime before November) eventually post an annotated version of the longest (song) version...

Rough edit of the original:

Like a Fire (Christmas in New Orleans Mix)

Like a fire burns away
Like the sunlight turns to shade
The warmness from you
Fades away while you are gone
And the love grows cold
Sitting on this shelf you put it on
You know I tried to talk about it
If it’s taken down your whole wide world
Burns to the ground
Let it out and the changes come again
When something triggers them
Don’t say that you can persevere without
Is it fear of loneliness that drives you to them?
I know I complicate things

Like a fire ever changing
Like the sunlight’s rainbows hiding
You disappear for days
And I don’t know where you are
You think it is better that way
My mind says leave but my heart says stay
As it sits on the shelf for the wintertime
I can’t see you conception dies
The free time’s spent with other men
The look in your eyes has changed again
Demanding grin to regret for sin
Speaking fast to falling down
Angry twist to sullen frown
It seems you complicate things

Like a fire sparks again
Like the sunlight beaming in
I call and you return to me but
I don’t know if you are who you say
The truth it hides behind the lies
As the winter fades away to spring
You starve yourself, I cry at night
I can’t see your eyes when you tell me things
The time’s still spent with them again
And I wonder if the feeling’s real
I know myself and I can’t deal
With broken lines and half told truth
The prayer on my lips goes through my heart
And out to you
Faith only complicates things

Like a Fire (Ashes Edit)
Like a fire you will fight,
The love away until it’s gone,
Like you're used to, no control,
Kill the truth and have your fun..

The wind directs you when it blows,
Your dreams become your wasted goals,
A barren womb where nothing grows,
The endless nights will take their tolls.

I can’t make you, rules won’t break you,
Nothing's real, your heart's all front,
Bound by greater chains than words,
Another bottle is all you want..

I’ve walked your path, just not as long,
I felt your wrath, it wrote this song,
Just not so far, I know it's wrong.
My aim - to make you burn in my sound.

You make your own rules.
You hide what you've broken.
You swallow back the truth.
Never to be spoken.

It's easy to forget a fool,
While drowning out your baby's breath.
Booze and pills for empty souls,
Love cries himself to death.

You won't stay and watch,
You are paid to move on,
Hide away the truth
Until the proof's gone.

Just another dead child,
An excuse for more cash,
Extra time to be wild,
Burnt the feeling to ash..

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