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8/8/2005 8:38 pm

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Last of the set

(Started while internet radio played Brian Mcknight Anytime)

Last song from Far Too Awake songs that I penned (for now, two others stay in the bag of tricks).

Things I never worried about before,
Gone so far, my crutches in this world,
Breaking in new habits,
Always keeping busy.

It's hard to add up memories,
When my brain is on the run.

I do not hide I do not run,
It may be better for me.
The rules to the letter,
Still I dance around the truth.

Sometimes the things I live by
Bring me to tears.
The rules to the letter,
but I know the truth.

I dance around my fears,
Sometimes avoid the sting.

Sometimes I feel the brunt of the blows,
But I know, that she sings,
like me,
Because of scars, on her soul.

Old friends come knocking on my door,
But they aren't her.
Red, Green and Blue, it seems like,
as long as I stay here.

As long as I stay here, it brings me to tears.
The rules to the letter, but I knew you better.
Freedom hides in fetters from me.
Do you still wear that ring?

Rock and roll rhymes,
but the numbers are twisted.
Breaking my heart,
I knew, when I missed it,

Being with you.
My hands can ape it,
but the feeling's not the same.


One of my favorite pastimes is studying mythology.
Some nicknames for the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Archangel Lucifer are Satan, Shai'tan, Nick, Nicky (as a fem), Shining One, Lord of Darkness, Applegate, Slick, Scratch, Crossroad, Lord of Thunder, and Shadow.

In a day or two, I'm going to dig up some songs I wrote for Evil (Alias Pop-A-Pill/Beer/Boob).

(Finished while internet radio played Nickleback Too Bad)

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