Here comes.  

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8/8/2005 5:31 pm

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Here comes.

(Written while listening to an internet radio station play NIN Ringfinger)

OK, to start I'd like to say that the first few things you're going to see in here are a few old poems and songs. I don't plan on sticking to just rhymes (unless I get an amazing response, which I doubt), but it'll help me warm up to some of the (true) stories that inspired them.

I'm a little annoyed, right now, because of a minor editing job I did on my profile that encouraged a negative response by the editing staff. "They" (sounds faceless and machinelike, eh?) were apparently upset by something that's been allowed many times in the past. I can't help but wonder how much artistic effort will be denied by the ultra-conservative editor I seem to have acquired this month. Anyone else had any experience with profile denial?

(Written while listening to an internet radio station play Jewel, Love Me, Just Leave Me Alone)

I will comprimise a little integrity and post some personal physical nakedness with the naked words. Hopefully it will help more than hurt.

"When you shake your ass they notice fast, but some mistakes were built to last . . . " George Michael, Freedom

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