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8/20/2005 6:53 pm

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Final (closest to the) Song version

Stay (Wish Won’t Burn The Poison From You Mix)

Like a fire burns away
Like the sunlight turns to shade
The warmness from you
Fades away while you are gone
And this love grows cold
Sitting on the shelf you put it on
I tried to talk to you about it, but you
You act as if you take it down
Your whole wide world will just burn to the ground
If you let it out the changes come again
When something triggers them
Don’t say that you can persevere without
Is it gold or loneliness that drives you to me?
I know I complicate things
Just like fire, truth will burn you
Like a fire, it will burn you.

Like a fire ever changing
Like the sunlight’s rainbows hiding
You disappear for days
And I don’t know where you are
You say you’re making your way
The facts say leave but my heart says stay
Right on this shelf I sit and wait for wintertime
When conception dies and I can see
The look inside your eyes has changed again
Time spent numb on other men,
No regret you trade your skin for bitter pills
Whil you and me, you broke the deals
So many times, I let it slide
Your lies just complicate things
Like a fire, you have scarred me
Worse than fire, you have burned me

Like a fire sparks again
While the sunlight’s beaming in
I call and you return to me but
I can’t believe you are who you say
The truth you pushed too many times
Behind the lies that hide your crimes,
You’re barely bones when winter fades away – to spring
You starve yourself - I waste the days
I didn’t see you do these things
Your free time’s spent with other men
Yours doesn’t hurt like mine
One more time, the truth is broken
The prayer on my lips go out to you,
Despite those things you put inside
I hope you stay alive
But my faith just complicates things.

Like a fire you just burn
My fuel away until it’s gone
You stop it just to start again
If you don’t find a way without, you’ll never win
The feeling dies again
I know full well what you’ve have done
Frustration beats me like a drum
I run because your monster (the monster in you) chases me away
Those times I found you faking
Rules just there for breaking
Someday consequences
Right now you eat another pill
Numb from bottles made for pain or fear
The things you trade for love
Flames they burned this one last song
I fade away, forever gone,
Like a fire, life burns on.

The stuff in parenthesis didn't make it in the recorded version.


I've been mixing and playing keyboards since I was eight. I started with a Casio SK1 sampling keyboard. Most of my (recorded) band work was done on Sonic Foundry's (now Sony) Acid Pro. I currently use Cakewalk's Sonar 4 (Producer Edition) and a Creative Prodikeys (it's just convenient for my cramped desktop). I keep a few guitars laying around the house for visiting musicians, but I can barely play them.

I used to have an acoustic electric Takamine, a AM52 microphone and a full sized Yamaha keyboard, but "Kevin O'Neil" apparently stole them (plus over 10K in jewelry and my FUCKING DOG) when he broke into my house. If I find him, he probably won't make it to ER on time - I pray every night that his entire (extended) family dies in a horrible accident. All of the jewelry was inherited. Most of it was antique. I don't like wearing bling-bling, but my left ear is pierced.

ilsgicemru 72M
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12/2/2005 8:38 pm

Virtue.......I hope that you will start blogging again.....You said that you were going to warm into some more personal stuff about what the music means to you!!!.......Thanks for your visit to my blog......I wish that I were as talented a song writer as you........and a musician.......would love to be able to play the keyboard!!!!

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