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10/19/2005 8:46 pm

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7/23/2007 5:57 pm


you know just because I'm a CD doesn't mean I'm a sub, all you "straight men" that message me and tell me your your curius oh please spare me your bi. To the women out there, you say your bi cirios, if you don't act on it your really not, I'm just a little bit bichty tonite because I didn't get laid this weekend. Well actually that not it, I didn't get laid with the people I wanted, but I got a couple of messages from a CD who called me crude, all he wanted me to do is drive 550 miles one way, uh let me think, 120$ one way get a hotel for 2 days and then drive back, another 120, and this mofo who says he has 4 years of college and working as a welder tries to tell me I'm a bitch and he doesn't even know the keyboard. I've never used a block before but I will not be abused by any one

Lextyranus7 56M

10/21/2005 10:16 am

Well Virginia CD,, I am confused,, your sn says your a cross dresser, but your listed here as a transexual. I am curious, which are you? BTW just because your a submissive doesnt mean you have to do as others say,, once they are your master,, perhaps,, but as anyone in the D/S community can tell you ,, its the submissive that tops from below.

rm_carlsj329 70M

11/13/2005 11:37 am

Virginia doll,
Don't let it get to you, I've gone throught the same thing on more occations then I wish to recall. Just this morning I received a very nasty and vulgar message from a straight man who I had never made any kind of contact with, and no I won't repeat what he said. It actually brought me to tears and then boiled over into anger. There are many of us out here that know what your going through.

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