Holding my breath  

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4/17/2006 2:05 pm

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Holding my breath

There's a point in every action movie, when Our Hero is doomed. The Evildoer has him/her in his clutches, and yet -- we know Our Hero will survive. Right? We know this, and yet our heart beats a machine gun staccato that pops veins in our necks....("There's no way they can kill him/her off so early in the movie, can they?" )....our skin practically singes in spontaneous combustion as we watch....("But s/he will escape, right?" )....our eyes refuse to close at all, even for the millisecond of a blink....("Our Hero can conquer anything, everyone knows that, right?" )....

And then there's the breathing. Or lack of it. The silence of the lungs, as if our exhalation will affect the outcome, or distract us from devouring what is happening before us.

Fortunes have been made, imaginations captured, and the world transfixed watching such things because such things grip us. We care about it, in that moment, as if our very lives were the ones at stake. This is why we go back, this is why we watch, and this is why we view our world so often in terms of the same titanic struggle between powers of light and dark. Sometimes the struggle is a long one.

That's fine with me. I can hold my breath a long damn time when I want to.


p.s. Vince is not back. He just needed to say this.

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