Had to get that off my chest  

VickiNicole 43F
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4/2/2006 8:41 am

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11/21/2006 8:48 pm

Had to get that off my chest

[23:42] Random Black Dude: So what you up too tonight
[23:42] Vicki Nicole: lying on the couch watching oprah drinking water and being sad
[23:42] Random Black Dude: you need some one to cheer you up
[23:42] Vicki Nicole: i suppose
[23:43] Random Black Dude: I could come and keep you company.... but I don’t suppose you would go for that
[23:44] Vicki Nicole: nah
[23:44] Vicki Nicole: no strangers in my home
[23:45] Random Black Dude: lol
[23:45] Vicki Nicole: i need to get this book called “He's Just Not That Into You”
[23:45] Vicki Nicole: i always like guys who just aren’t that into me
[23:46] Random Black Dude: you will find the right guy
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: everyone says that
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: and it doesn’t help
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: sorry
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: lol
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: but really it doesn’t
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: cause you don’t know that
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: and they don’t know that either
[23:46] Vicki Nicole: i have NEVER had a boyfriend
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: and i am 32 fucking years old
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: and since i was 16 people have been saying
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: “he will come to you, don’t look, he'll come, when you aren’t looking he will be there”
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: so i stopped looking
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: and i looked
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: and i was abstinent for 3 friggin years
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: and paid no attention to guys
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: and still he didn’t come
[23:47] Vicki Nicole: so it’s all bullshit
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: i am going to be 80 years old
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: and still people will be saying
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: "you will find a guy"
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: while i am rocking on the porch with my pet mice and roaches
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: who like to keep me company
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: oh and lets not forget spiders

[23:48] Vicki Nicole: phew
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: that felt great
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: getting that out
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: sorry
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: lol
[23:48] Random Black Dude: okay Damn
[23:48] Vicki Nicole: lol
[23:49] Random Black Dude: wow

rm_nawtybrit 68M

4/2/2006 8:01 pm

Looks like you're getting a very good turn out to your blog, but it seems like it's just us old guys. Good luck in your search for that young stud. I'm sure you'll both be very satisfied.

jetzommer86 30M

4/9/2006 9:01 am

Outside your age range and bewildered by how things seem to be going for you. I know you already posted that you can't find a guy thats truly interested in you and that you're never going to find him. A lot of women feel that way and honestly so do alot of men. I think its a signal thing. I found out 3 days ago that a girl I had a crush on in high school had a crush on me the whole time. Apparently everyone except the two of us knew about it. Like I said its probably a question of signals. You're a beautiful woman, so like you said you get hit on alot its just always black guys. As a white guy who loves women of all races I've found that the reason I have a had time hitting on a black girl or an asian girl or a girl of any other race outside of caucasion is that I feel intimidated. We are trained by society that dating outside your race if taboo and I think black women get it alot more than anyone else. I'm glad to see a black woman who is totally comfortable dating outside her own race, only problem is the white guys don't know that when they first meet you. Most of us assume you only date black men. Just my take on it.

rm_34smoke 47M
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12/20/2006 12:49 pm

get a me 34smoke and u wont be alone ant more

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