Unbelievable! And a little scary....  

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8/9/2006 6:55 pm

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Unbelievable! And a little scary....

I read something this morning on the WAVE 3 news page that disturbed me.

It seems a "concerned citizen" notified the LMPD (Louisville Metro Police Department) that they found a personal ad from one of their officers on the AdultFriendFinder website. He wasn't mentioned by name, but they showed enough of his profile to know he's a 33 year old white male and single. This person felt the LMPD should be aware of it. According to the LMPD, his ad is not illegal, but it may be against their standard of ethics for conduct. They are having Internal Affairs investigate the matter.

If the guy was doing something against the law I would have no problem with that, BUT........He, like the rest of us, has the right to a personal life outside of work that is no ones business but his own. So he belongs to an adult personals site that caters mostly to swingers and people looking for casual sex. Since when did that become a crime? It may be against most people's standards of what is "acceptable", but then again who are they to decide what is and isn't acceptable for the rest of us?

Who gets to decide what is "moral" and "normal"? And why should their views be pushed on the rest of us? If nothing illegal is involved and no one is hurt, why do they care? I also want to know what the person who notified the LMPD about the ad was doing on AdultFriendFinder anyway? If that is such an immoral thing, why were THEY there???? Hmmm... Are those of us whose lifestyles are unconventional by most people's standards going to become targets of bigotry and slander? Do they think we have no right to our privacy because we are "immoral"??

We have allowed vocal minorities like this to dictate our rules in society far too many times. We have allowed them to shove their morals and beliefs down our throats, and we have watched them attack those who don't conform. Their mission now seems to be deciding what is and isn't okay to do in your own bedroom. So much for privacy. It's a frightening thought.

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rm_ineedanewone 72M

9/2/2007 8:03 am

I,for one totally agree with what you said. What is morality anyway? I am a free thinker, some of you know what that is, those that don't, in a nutshell we are a group of people who believe in the right to think and do as we please in regard to religion,speech,freedom of the press, etc. without being burdened my what other people feel is the mold we should be placed in. we are, each, in his or her own way a totally unique individual with their own mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. To try to put someone in a mold to fit what you believe is the proper way they should live, or behave, is in itself a method of controlling that person and is to my way of thinking immoral. I sincerely hope that officer, whomever he is finds what he is looking for, and in finding that, also finds the relationship that will fulfill his needs and make him a better person for it. if he reads this, i want him to know this: be your own person, there is no one else like you in the entire world now or ever will be again, dont feel you have to fit someone elses profile of who you should be. Let them walk a mile in your shoes, i would bet their thoughts would change. the old renegade.

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