Mountaineering expedition in the Grafen Berg...  

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2/15/2006 6:20 am

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Mountaineering expedition in the Grafen Berg...

I have quite a few friends that are seasoned rock climbers. My father himself is about to ascend the remarkable GR 20 in a month or two….but the adventure I am about to narrate is from the perspective of the mountain: Mount Grafen Berg.

The expedition had been circumspectly prepared for months of anticipation and unceasing Internet conferences. Our Kangchenjunga and Labial specialist had gathered all the right gears for the climb of the French moraine : his ice ax was sturdy and shiny and he looked at the piled up material with self-importance : crampons, headlamp, karabiners, climbing harness, rock shoes, wrist loop, climbing helmet, belay ( be laid ?) devices, daisy chain, lube, rubbers …
He was hesitant about the compass. Being an experienced alpinist, should he trust his orienteering instincts or be safe….and grab a compass, just in case this never explored terrain presented concealed or eluding ridges?

He opted to be adventurous and lef the compass behind;he would deal with the new precipice the way only he knew how : with the passion and the zeal of a neophyte .

He had never met the mountain in person, had seen some very striking photographs of the beauty but that can always be deceitful. When he got off the plane and saw her standing there in the sunshine, he knew he had made the right decision. Her beautiful curves were gleaming under the hot European sun…filling him with exhilaration. There was no road access to the beauty and the approach would be extensive across the plains …
He had been told that her track was a down pouring slickened suicide run with daunting drop-offs on both sides. But he was geared up.

Knowing that European mountains have the repute of weather and temperature drastic and quick changes, with the potential for frequent thunderstorms, he had several thin layers of insulation and silk boxer shorts to allow for good freedom of movement and quick drying.

So here was his quest, tantalizing him, calling his name sweetly.
He initiated his approach…and in no time was accessing her secluded and bushy beautiful valley which he crossed quickly to the next challenge past the base camp: the ultimate target of the majestic promontory…

After days of practicing glacier skills on dry ground, he was about to go to work in her humid environment. He took a few minutes to acclimatize to life at nirvana’s altitude; he could feel the mountain breathing with him, swiftly, in expectation of what was to be one of the most memorable climb ever. He had been told of her mythical location: unswervingly along the urethra, and situated almost directly behind the clitoris.

Our intrepid climber headed, finger first, to the technical yet glistening ridge; he could not wait to get to the peek. With his fingers in the order of two to three inches in, moving in even circles all around the inside of the vagina, he was heading for the peek. He knew his success depended on his aptitude to place consistent, firm pressure along the entire length of the crevasse’s walls while fingering. He then settled on to stop rotating his fingers and rest on the slightly ridged area just behind the pubic bone, wielding pressure towards her belly. He also knew that a more advanced and very successful alpine technique was to trace the inside of the vagina with his finger while moving in and out, insuring that his fingertip always hits the G spot on each rotary motion. Finding a nice rhythm is critical in this belaying modus operandi. And he was soon to see his hard work rewarded. A warm flow of milky nectar started running down the ridge. As he persisted, other streams would follow, as different in taste as one could have anticipated… honey sweet, sour, bitter.. He knew it was not atypical for her to have 3 to 5 flows before depleting her cascading supply. He could sense that with each surge, the mountain was mirroring his soar, tensing, moaning. She was now highly excited, and very sensitive. The final result was about to occur…He swiftly removed his flag out of his pocket, ready to claim her, while she would reach the most intense and pleasurable sex she had ever had.

Vevixen 50F
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2/15/2006 12:34 pm

in response to the Englishman: now...the apr├Ęs...we are talking of a totally different domain of intimacy and tenderness...that we'll be for another conversation...or would you like to write it?

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