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8/28/2006 1:49 pm

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Saint Anthony

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

Are You in Need of A MIRACLE?

Do you need to WIN at Bingo of the Lottery?

Are you in a divorce or custody dispute?

Do You NEED a New Washer, Dryer or BIG Screen TV?

I have the SOLUTION right here in my hand.

I have right here the one and only Saint Anthony's Holy Water MIRACLE Medallion.

Why slip it around your neck and almost immediately untold wealth and fortune will be bestowed upon you.

Call now I-900-WE-PRAY4U

FOR only $19.95 we will send you your very own nickel plated Saint Anthony's Holy Water Miracle Medalion.

No C.O.D. We only Accept

American Depressed
Master/Slave Card
& VULVAS Credit Cards



Hallalueah Brothers and Sisters, BUY NOW as the miracles for millions of others are happening as you read this, why almost instantly good things are going to come about for you. All your desire will come to fruition. The lost article will be found. The sick one will recover. That new home will materialize. The one that you wait for will come. You must BUY NOW.


Has your MAN run off with another woman? Do you need to be reunited?

By simply slippin the STAHWMM around you neck almost immediately untold wealth, fortune and love will be bestowed upon you.

You can't go wrong with your own personal STAHWMM around your neck, lovers will swoon at your feet and beg to perform any number of various unsundry activities that they won't normally profess.

Erectile Dysfuntion problems are cured the instant you take the STAHWMM into your hand. Watch your unit grow to ever increasing gargantuousness.It recedes only when you want it to. Cum on demand.

Ladies you will need this for him, but it will work for you as well.

Need Larger Breast just by rubbing your medallion across your nipples your tits will swell with joy and your nipples will increase in size, amplitude and sensitivity.

So don't delay send your money 2Day 2

The Saint Anthony Disaster Relief Fund
5551212 Blue Heron Blvd
Port Au Prince, Haiti

In Care of Reverend Ike
Blessed B upon your Pussy

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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8/29/2006 12:32 am

Sounds like the beginning of a country western song, but in gospel kind of way...


VenusDiaries replies on 8/29/2006 5:27 pm:
Maybe I should be thinking of moving to nashville.

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