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6/19/2006 12:37 pm

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Well NAKED FRIDAY NIGHT went well and I spent most of friday night naked engaged in activities that were pleasing to the eye, mind, and erogenous zones. On Saturday it was decided that my ghost white body needed a little coloration and should be offered up to the sun god. The most appropriate tool available to change my skin pigmentation would be to use the ultraviolet rays of the sun god to burn and sear my skin to a bright fire engine red. The water at the pool was glorious, we had snacks, beer, sandwiches, cigarettes, grapes, and a wonderful blue floaty water mattress. My own personal music from my laptop and I also got some home work done.

Back to the previous post that I had written on thursday about what are your fantasies that I should borrow and incorporate into life since some of you are just sitting around on your fat fantasies and not reacting or responding to what your own personal wants, needs, emotions are crying out for. It is not going to fall into your lap. You have to reach for it, grab it, seize the moment for yourself and bring about what you fantasize about to fruition. It does not come to those who WAIT!

As I was lounging in the pool I remembered that the only response to my pledge to do your fantasy was the GET CAUGHT FANTASY. So I am lounging and thinking Oh Yea I am suppose to do the get caught thing. Wow this pool might be as good as a place as any as there were twenty-five adults, men, women, children, grandmothers, and grandfathers around the pool at that instant that I thought that maybe me and my understudy should try something right here in the pool in front of the sun god and everybody.

So I am backing up against the edge of the pool and my understudy is in front of me with the blue floaty thing in front of her. To our right are the stairs entering the pool and a group of three adult males one female and three boys that are coming in and out of the water. Directly behind us is a woman and her daughter who also is in and out and all about. To our left is a teenage red headed girl and her brother who both have swim mask and both frolicking in the water.

My understudy has a red and white floral print one piece bathing suit on and is in front of me with her back to me. I gingerly slip my fingers throught the edge of her crotch and pull her suit aside as I slip my finger into her yani. She twitches as she had no idea or fore warning that this was coming or what was really about to take place. She didn't seem to mind to much as I finger banged her slowly as to not raise anyones attention as she cooed and moaned softly. She was liking it and I was getting hard quickly. The three boys were playing directly in front of us. My understudy was nervous that we would get caught and I explained that that was why we were doing this as we might get caught. She said that the boys parents were watching us. I said no they were watching their children.

What would someone say if they caught you? Would they yell? Look that man has his cock out underwater!

I stealthly undid the velcro enclosure on my QuikSilver Boardshorts (shameless product placement plug) and my unit sprang forth in all it's abundance, having my understudy back as close to me as possible, against the back edge of the pool. The woman behind us not three feet away stood and walked to the bathroom. She didn't even notice which gave me more confidence to continue with my escapade. My understudy is small and tight, I had to work my head into her muffin with one hand trying to open her and my unit in my other hand. It took a few minutes to work just the head in, but I was in and was ready to fuck as discreetly as possible. It was at this time that the teenage girl and her brother entered the water with their swim mask. I considered that they might see us, but if my understudy backed all the way up against my cock and belly, underwater my cock or her pussy wouldn't necessarliy be seen as we both still had our suits on.

I pulled both arms out of the water and relaxed back against the edge of the pool with my arms spread wide so as to not look like I was getting fucked right there in front of twenty-five people. I surveyed the scene around me. People going about the routine of enjoying a morning around the community pool oblivious to the fact that I was getting fucked right in front unbeknownst to them. There was a big smile on my face as we fucked ever so slowlyfor a good twenty minutes. I was defiantly proud that I had pulled off this caper with out anyones mother or grandmother noticing or screaming that their was a pervert in the pool exposing himself to god and everyone.

So I didn't get caught, nobody was aware, yet it was pretty exciting.

What next? Any other ideas? Naked Friday Night is only four nights away! You fantasize it and maybe I'll try it. All suggestions considered..

rm_thepav 47M
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6/19/2006 9:45 pm

LOL, My fantasies aren't going unenacted due to any overt sloth on my part, but rather a lack of reciprocity! *S*

VenusDiaries replies on 6/20/2006 11:38 am:
Get busy man..

aascrompn 42M
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6/21/2006 12:43 pm

I've done some sneeky shit man, but that's balls! I don't believe I would've tried it w/ kids around.

VenusDiaries replies on 6/22/2006 11:38 am:
Never exposed anything and was very secretive. Ballsy yes.

exploringsubDom 57F

6/23/2006 1:20 am

That sounds very exciting.
Your understudy is a very lucky woman.

VenusDiaries replies on 6/23/2006 7:57 am:
Naked Friday Night is upon us and we had discussed ropes, wax and blindfolds. Tonight could be exciting.

exploringsubDom 57F

6/24/2006 3:18 pm

ropes, wax and blindfolds, oh my *smile*
a weekly extravaganza. too fun.

VenusDiaries replies on 6/26/2006 7:41 am:
I used all those accessories and a birch rod for spanking as well.

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