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I recall that beebee was enchantingly beautiful in a nicole kidman kind of way. I worked with her and decided that I wanted her and would seduce her, even though there were things about her life that would never work with my lifestyle or a relationship between us. She had two children and I had already raised four and wasn't interested in raising anymore. First red flag on my part. She was divorced and living in her parents huge lakefront home. Her father was a doctor. The first time I seduced her was one evening in the baseball dugout at the school that we both taught at. I think that the idea of doing it at school with the possibility of getting caught was very tittilating. I recently read about two educators in Texas who were fired for having sex in the classroom, apparently they were seen by students, We were not quite as stupid, as there wasn't anybody on campus when we had the dugout tryst.

What I would really like to talk about is my recollection of an event that seems all too much like a fantasy now but was actually an opportunistic sexual escapade. I am really quite interested in what people's ideas and concepts are regarding what they tend to fantazise about and if they actually bring them to fruition.

beebee had asked me to go into the city for a social event and since it would be late in the evening coming back we would spend the night in her fathers office. The doctors office, I had no idea what to expect. We arrived and soon had stripped off all our clothes and were walking around naked in the office. We did an eye exam and I seem to remember a blowjob at the same time. She sucked my cock to the full extent savoring every stroke from the head to the base while fondling my scrotum, continuously jacking my prick to bring that jism up and into her mouth, she began swallowing as much as possible because she loved the taste of my hot cum and letting the rest drip down her face and across her tits, where she would rub it into her nipples like some exotic moisturizing cream. We decided that I needed glasses which I still haven't gotten.

While exploring we decided to check out the examining rooms. I decided to do some examining myself and had beebee lay upon the examining table. I pulled up the stirrups as high as they would go and placed her ankles into the cool clean metal. Her vagina and asshole were fully exposed. She was easily exciteable and her juices were running out of her pussy and dripping glisteningly down to her secondary love hole. I massaged her taint alternately sticking two fingers in her asshole while tapping out a beat on her clitoris with my other hand at a feverish pace. After a while I switched it up and placed three fingers in her pussy and two in her ass hole and pumped them vigorously like the armature on a locomotives wheels. One in one out, hammering down the track furiously with her feet high in the stirrups, increasing the velocity my hands were moving, working like a run away freight train and beebee was screaming with delight. I reached down and grabbed her labia which I pulled open like the pages of a paperback smut book, seeing how far and wide I could stretch them out, looking at how luscious her pink love hole looked after having been reamed by multiple thick fingers. I licked her pussy and sucked both labia into my mouth and held them between my teeth as I stretched them as far as I could and slurped them as if I would spagetti, burying my head back down and squeezing her clit out its hiding place flicking it agressively with my tongue. beebee was breathing heavily and moaning ever so sweetly.. I loved sucking her beautiful cunt lips in my mouth and tasting her cum as her wettness covered the entireity of my face.

On the front of the examing table is a small step that slides out and I presumed that this would be advantageous to a doctor to get a better view as he peared into some deep pussy. I pulled out the step and stood upon it and my cock was at the perfect level to slip into her barracuda. I proceeded to pound that pussy while holding onto beebee feet which were still in the stirrups.
We slammed for a good thirty minutes and I finally spewed gobs of molten love juice in her pussy and all over her asshole. It was a good night at the doctors office. We slept in another room that had a double bed and awoke refreshed in the morning to do it again.

I have been looking for a used examining table ever since.
It was fun and exciting. I will probably never experience what transpired in that office ever again and I often wonder if that had been beebee's fantasy to fuck someone in her fathers office. If it was, it was fulfilled. Maybe I'll ask her about it the next time we communicate.


7/11/2006 10:56 am

The doctor was in

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

VenusDiaries replies on 7/11/2006 12:03 pm:
Can I check your pulse said the doctor of love.

MaggiesWishes 59F

7/11/2006 4:10 pm

Nurses Unite!
Don't ya love a girl in stirrups?
Almost as fun as ankle straps ... *giggles*

warm huggies 2ya
Great minds, have open connections

TheCliticals 34F/F

7/12/2006 2:14 am

Email us when you find one

VenusDiaries replies on 7/12/2006 12:10 pm:
My understudy was checking auction houses today for one. I think that I would like to do a tutti check on the Cliticals and the Queen of Swords all in the same office visit.

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