Monday 4/24 Venus Bathing from the Venus Diaries  

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Monday 4/24 Venus Bathing from the Venus Diaries

My Horoscope said:
Just like with new ideas, new romances can steal you away from what you have going on. You are not ready to find that special someone, but when you do they will need to understand you perfectly and give you the reassurance that you need. You are easy overtaken by tenderness.

Scorpio: The Sun
This is a great time for you. Life is a roller coaster and you’ll be riding those hills with abandon. The seed for something is planted for blossom in August.

( I am headed to Puerto Rico for 15 days in August and my membership ends in August)

You may be feeling childlike. Be sure you don’t get downright immature. Live your life with an eye towards adventure. Indulge your playful side. You may be dealing with someone who is acting immature. Children might play a part in some decisions.

If you are single, you may meet someone new and enjoy that thrill of the first few dates.

Romance does tend to take away from my artwork. But now that I am single again, I have plenty of time to work. I would like to thank sexydisaster30 for facilitating me being able to down load some images today.

Went to the Dy-Nasty Restaurant for lunch with Dr. Leo Fagboy and my fortune said: PEOPLE WILL FIND IT DIFFICULT TO RESIST YOUR PROPOSITIONS. Here goes from William S.

The exchange of thy loves faithful love for mine and follow me throughout the world. Love goes toward love, as schoolboys from their books, but love from love toward school with heavy looks.

My lips two blushing labia to smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss, less faith turn to despair. Thus, from my lips by thine my sin is purged. Sinful my lips, my other toy has tits, oh trespass sweetly urged give me my sin again baby, give me my sin again.

Does thou love me? Pronounce it faithfully my heart. Dear Love swear by thy gracious self which is the god of my idolatry and I'll believe thee. By summers ripening breath may prove a beautious flower next to me.

Moving on to bigger and better things, Hope You Like My Artwork. My Intuitive Feng Shui Therapist says for me to put my good thoughts and goals out to the world and that they will come back to me. Tender, understands me perfectly, kinkiest of all, ponytailed, intellectual, ethical, Venus, I am waiting on you to catch my eye and spend eternity with me.

Ciao MZM Eros

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