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Happy Massage

Happy massage was midway up the block between 7th and 9th on Broad Street in San Diego. It was the time of flower children, Nixon, the Viet-Nam conflict. Randolph was a 17 yr old seaman in the United States Navy. No one in San Diego would admit that they like sailors much, for anything other than their money which pushed the local economy. A tough place for a lonely teenager three thousand miles away from a disfunctional home. Short hair was not cool and Randolph felt displaced and in need of companionship from someone of the other gender. Unlike todays war hero's people who served their country in the seventies were despised as war mongers and viewed with contempt and disdain and were never recognized for their efforts and sacrifices they made serving their country to this day. No respect. Thus young women felt no need to engage in any type of relations with swabbies, squids, or deck hands.

Randolph was a young man full of raging hormones with no where or no one to allieviate the angst of teenage horniness. Walking the streets of San Diego amidst, hookers, tatoo parlors, bars he was not old enough to drink in, he felt full of desolation, and despondent at the unfriendlyness of his new duty station. He needed entertainment. Blacks Beach with its naked bathers had only intensified his lust and wanton thoughts of pussy. Pussy, something he had only had once and it had been quick and over with before he had the chance to really enjoy it. He knew he would have more and improve his technique, but when?

As he walked Broad Street with a pocket full of cash he happened upon a store front window full of neon yellows, blues, greens, and pink. HAPPY MASSAGE, open twenty-four hours, no cover charge anytime, specializing in the fingertip, the baby oil, the baby powder and the alcohol rub massages with our introductory five minute offer free to members of the U. S. military. This was the first time that Randolph had seen anything that approached a nicety toward members of the military.

As he walk in, it was a darken space with several couches filled with young girls around his same age lounging about in bikini's. How ya doin, asked the petite brunette behind the counter, is there some pleasure that we might provide for you this evening? A thirty minute massage will be fourty dollars and an hour is seventy-five bucks. The free five minute massage will be added to your thirty. Randolph produce two twenties.

Lyn was about five feet even with waist length straw colored hair, ample breast, and a killer ass. She was dressed in a tie dyed psychodelic sarong. She went quickly and grabbed Randolph before he had the opportunity to make a selection of any of the other beautiful young massage hostess's. She led him through a series of darken halls with Jimmy Hendricks blaring Hey Joe through the stereo system. They entered a small room with a greenish glow and Lyn told Randolph to remove his clothes and wrap the clean linen towel around himself and to lay on the table till she returned.

Time was ticking off as he lay face down on the table, wondering when she would return, if the time gone counted against him and if he should get the alcohol rub or the baby powder massage, deciding on the latter being that the air conditioning was set on freeze. Lyn appeared and removed her sarong to reveal the tantilizing nubile body of an eighteen year old. Randolph immediately arose to the situation, his heart beat quickened as this was only the third time that he had seen a woman nude. Her nipples were pink and erect, her pussy was a hairy bush of blond. He had only had sex once before in his life, and another time he had almost had sex but couldn't get his cock in because the pussy was to tight. He requested the baby powder rub and Lyn proceeded to sprinkle and rub his back with soothing motions that only caused him to get harder than he had ever been previously in his young life. Lyn asked him to roll over and his stiffness stood high, with baby powder in hand she proceeded to massage the stiffness of his manhood while commenting that if things were to progress there would be an additional seventy-five dollar fee, to which he agreed.

The second time in his life and Randolph was eager to enter the divine feminine place from which he was born with a hard on, he was on the verge of exploding and could barely contain his excitement. Lyn was just starting to kick in from the Orange Sunshine blotter paper acid she had consumed fourty-five minutes earlier. Randolph entered her wetness and his eyes rolled back into his head, as never before had he experienced such pleasure that caused his cock to swell to such enormic proportions, as he slid slowly in and out, round and round, pulling his cock completely out of her slippery cunt and slamming back in with speed of a battering ram trying to tear down the gates that would send his deluge to the depths of her pussy. He pulled her legs together and slid in again and again as she giggled, laughed, screamed with delight. This was the most awesome experience Randolph had ever engaged in and he was intent on making her satisfied and wouldn't stop until she would scream from utter gratification of her instinctual animalistic needs. He fucked long and he fucked hard, his mission was to see that she would come with a frenzy of excitement the likes of which neither had ever experienced. The acid made Lyn wild as she ground her vons venus as hard as she possiblly could against his pressing manhood. Randolph only knew of the missionary position because of his limited sexuality and he was prepared to do, with the little knowlege that he had of sexuality, the best he could do. He was not going to come quick this time, but control his breathing and go till she could stand it no more. Lyn was loving every minute of the plunging depths that he was reaching inside her cunt and started to gush, shake and quiver as she screamed that the cumming had begun. Prepare for the juices to flow. Randolph continued to plunge his member deep inside as Lyn reached down and began to massage his balls. It was only the matter of an instant before Randolph began to erupt with the velocity of a cannon as come filled her pussy to the brim. Her swollen labia and clit were the color of a glowing magenta, still throbbing as if it had a life of its own dripping with the pearly white jism he had spewed forth so graciously. Lyn glowed with the delight of a super orgasmic rush of an acid induced climax. Two hours had passed as Randolph began to put on his clothes, he wondered if he was going to be charged for the extra time. Lyn said it was a wonderful fuck session on acid and that they should repeat it again soon. She also said he could forget about the seventy-five dollars and that here was her address and phone number on Imperial Island and would he come for the weekend at his earliest convenience.

Life changed for Randolph that summer in San Diego, he had satisfied a woman and knew it would be a life long mission, he hadn't really paid for pussy, and he thought that he might be in love with a courtesan. Yet he still had much to learn of the Divine Feminine, fickleness, affections, capricious attachments, sex, love and relationships, before he would become the Dread Pirate Randolph.

But that would be a story for another time.

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6/8/2006 12:04 pm

I'll be back when I get my thirst sated.
warm huggies 2ya

VenusDiaries replies on 6/9/2006 8:27 am:
what are you thirsty for?

sexyariesgirl 57F

6/10/2006 3:22 pm

God I loved this!!!!!!!

Power To FOK

VenusDiaries replies on 6/11/2006 7:05 am:
But wait there is more.

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