Seasons change and so do people as well-  

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10/5/2005 2:31 am

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Seasons change and so do people as well-

As the nights grow cooler here and the days are not as humid anymore, I can once again go for a walk with my son and it seems like he has grown so much over the summer months.
Where once he was just in awe of things, now he wants to know why about it all. I adore seeing the world through my 6 year olds eye because it reminds me of just how precious time with loved ones can be.
DO you recall the friends in highschool that we always seemed to have around us? NOw as I watch my oldest childs(20) friends ask "When is JOsh coming home or When is he moving back?" I have time to reflect on just how much HE has grown and from the time he was 6 and asking Why.
I once wondered how my mom could look at em and continue to call me her "Babygirl", now I understand because I can look at my boys and remember when I could hold each of them in my arms and let them sleep nestled against me- lol
such is NOT the case anymore. The 6 yr old is always busy with something and so am I and the 20 yr old well he is 6 ft 3 and weighs about 310- so there is no way there lmao.
I enjoy watching my boys grow into the men that god meant for them to be, yet isnt it normal to miss our "childlike" qualities in them when they do? BUt we as people live and learn and as we accept what our choices in life bring to our door then we have to adapt to those changes do we not? Ahh, I think I will go crawl back in the bed and cuddle with my 6 yr old and let the day pass us by lol! Darn, I have to work today- isnt that just the norm! lol
I hope that you and yours have a wonderful day and you can reflect back on and smile today as you remember those certain sweet times in life that were things that you wouldnt have missed for the world! God bless!

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10/10/2005 10:25 pm

very nice

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