Oh What a feeling!!!  

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5/6/2006 9:36 pm

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5/27/2006 4:45 pm

Oh What a feeling!!!

I recently went by to see a female friend of mine and it being on a friday- I found her in the back yard looking at an old storage shed that she has hated every since she moved into her house.
I asked her what was she planning on doing this weekend- she smiled and I could tell she had tons of stuff on her mind- yet she and I are alot alike-lol- She showed me a ladder hanging on the side of the building in which it had the beginnings of a hornets nest- it was about the size of an ostrich egg. While she was terrified I simply walked over and gently lifted the ladder and placed it against her garage. She then begin to call everyone to cancel plans for an exterminator lmao. Afterwards she and I began to talk and as we were discussing all the things on our minds we began to tear down her old shed- which was alot of fun!
Sounds crazy I know but all of that pent up emotion (she and I have to make time to see each other due to our schedules) and before we knew it we were laughing and talking and half the shed was down. Her husband came home to we two females laughing and talking while neatly stacking old tin and throwing nails into a trash can! He shook his head and said leave it to you two to find a neat way to tear that old shed down! Since he had come home she decided it was time to stop for the day- but I must say after we sat back and looked at all we had accomplished it was a really great feeling to know that once she and I do finish this task- that she and I will use the old cement slab to put her patio furniture on and we will have more fun enjoying the fruit of our labors- and we will always be there for each other as well. No matter how far away we may ever get, we will always have our real friendship and the day we found a way to "neatly" tear down her old eyesore of a shed......

madcowrunning 54M

5/26/2006 10:32 pm

dreams and dreams we all must have, or we lay here shallow and cold,
for we must dream the dreams of tomorrow, to look for the light of god to shine on our souls ,
so we can shine the light for the others who are loose in the dark in the shades of darkness,
to help and guide, to love and to be loved, the dream of life is too short ,we must live our life's and dream,
we must look into the future and not live the the past, the past is gone forever and can not come back, we can uses
the past as a guide for the future, so we do not make the same wrong steps again as well as the turns ,,,,,

the thing that lighten my heart from the hurt of the world is to be happy and always find the joy of each second,
because that second will not come again, the pain of this world will not go with you when you leave this plane to go with god,,,, so be joyful and have the fun you are looking for ... smile sweet angel and let your wings fly
high.............. sorry , about the preaching sometime I can be very deep,,, in life,, on a lighter note ,,
a well is a deep subject for a shallow mind,,,,,,,,,,,, yahoo just be happy at all you do even paying taxes

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