For those of you that are curious- yet refrain from asking!  

Venus107 49F
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9/19/2005 4:41 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

For those of you that are curious- yet refrain from asking!

I am tired of all the BS! I have sat by and kept my mouth closed for a while now and I am sick to death of the snide remarks and comments from others! Yes- you know exactly who you are! If you can not take the heat- then read no further but if you want the story then read on:
I had been told that I was loved and was lead to beleive other things as well- ALL LIES! Yes- all of them. Owner of his own company, well in 5 months I saw no proof of a Company of any kind- just someone living from week to week. Yes I live from paycheck to paycheck but I clock in to earn my money and I pay my own way in life!
Yes- some comments were deleted in MY group but it was because they were degrading in nature to me and it is posted that if it is degrading to anyone that it will be deleted- read the rules, you will see! WHen he reworded it, I allowed it to stay- even though it still felt degrading to me.
After it was decided that we woudl be better off seeing other people ( and each other if we felt like it) then the truth came out abobut his talking wiht his ex and alot of other things. So when I went into my group and started cuttign up and joking like I did before I met him or like I did he and I started havign sex- then this is where I was suppose to be wrong!
You know I have never claimed to be perfect and I never went through anyones Yahoo archives to find some reason to bitch or pick fights with some one.
Even though I was joking with another member in my group- HE found a way to make it all about him when in fact it never was!!!! It was just two people talking about a subject that they both were interested in- shoes do coem in 8and half and if you are going to be doing prolonged standing then you need to be prepared as well!!!
SO if someone still wants to tell someone to fuck off- then they need to find someone that really could give a shit about it! YOu promised to NOT take it to BOOTCAMP! ANOTHER fucking lie!!!!!!Have a nice life! I tried to be nice- now please - go away!!!!!!!!!

Venus107 49F
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9/20/2005 4:35 pm

Thanks Dancer- I really appreciate this. I kept quiet for long enough and I feel that this is the least I can say about it all. It is a closed chapter in life. I just hate that it got everyone involved and now I just want it to be over- Sinders- I have the utmost respect for all you ladies that keep your cool under pressure- My love to all that has ever dealt with someone that you grew to care about then it all turned to crap in an instant...........

Redjeep91 57M

10/1/2005 11:33 pm

Hi Venus, Being lied to is a disgrace and an insult to one integerity. When you expose someones lie they usually accuse you of something or "make-up" some bs lie to justify what they did to you. Don't apoloigize... You started being yourself again, that is even better for you! That deceptive crap and lack of self respect shows when they degrade you for being yourself and showing them you don't need nor want them. I could give you many examples of lies and deceptive things women have done to me....

haywoodjablowme0 46M

1/14/2006 6:54 am

try telling the truth and always bieng accused of lieng, you want to talk about frustration. having to struggle to still tell the truth even though you know you will still be called a liar by the person you care about the most.

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