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7/4/2005 8:30 am

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Student of Sex

I have become very interested in the study of sexuality. It is only in modern times where things have become so complex that sexuality and our understanding of our bodies has been cast aside. It is my opinion that people are becoming more and more uptight about sex. And many people (even those who are not considered to be "uptight") rush through the act of sex. Looking back into the ancient history of sexuality people (Romans, Chinese and others) took the study of sexual pleasure very seriously.

So I have begun my own pursuit of the study of sex. Clearly books like the Kama Sutra are a great place to find information and get in touch. Any other suggestions?

daydreamer54656 55M

7/15/2005 11:47 am

Kinsey's studies. David Rueben's Everything you always wanted to know about sex. Just not Dr. Ancient cultures..well.

Erotic poetry and literature ranged from odes to Priapus (the phallic god of gardens and fertility) to descriptions of intimate sexual relationships. Catullus and Ovid wrote about their dedication to cruel, demanding mistresses, Juvenal satirized his fellow Romans and what he considered to be their depraved sexual behaviors, and Tacitus and Suetonius wrote histories detailing the fetishes and habits of emperors such as Nero and Caligula.

Roman sexuality was about rough passions, obsessive love, and sadistic power plays. Lacking the natural grace and spirituality of the Greeks, they rarely touched on the spiritual side of sex. Perhaps what makes their sexual representations seem pornographic to the modern mind is this glaring lack of higher sentiment, making it comparable to modern-day pornography as opposed to erotica. Where erotica is considered more socially acceptable, pornography is often criticized for its purely sexual, animalistic portrayals. The very nature that produced and thrived on this raw sexuality is the same nature that made Rome powerful.

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