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5/26/2005 4:42 pm

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Laguna Beach

California for the weekend. (well my weekend anyway) Laguna Beach. Sat in front of the ocean pretty much all day today. I could easily be satisfied sitting in that exact spot on that particular sea rock for the rest of my days on this planet. Once I arrive on Mars, I'll need to find something else to be inspired by.

The ocean really does have healing properties. At least for me it does. I was in a desperate funk, and I knew I had to leave Vegas at least for a few days. After just 8 hours sitting on the beach, I feel 92.5532% better. I'll make up the remaining 7.4568% tomorrow before heading back to Hell. But for now, I'm content. Contentment is a wonderful feeling indeed.

Anyone coming to Laguna Beach should definitely check out the Beach House cafe. Eat anything. It's all good.

Then for dinner I'm going back to my favorite Las Brisas. I'm going to eat Seafood enchiladas. Recently I've decided not to drink alcohol anymore so I won't be enjoying any libations. Frankly, that suits me fine. I really like being fully mentally facilitated.

I'll most likely masturbate for a good solid hour before falling asleep tonight. Solitude is my best friend this weekend. Too bad the hotel doesn't have xxx porn. I'd be all over it.

Tomorrow I'll cruise back to Hell at a snails pace. Sleep in my own bed tomorrow night and return to the place that steals my life eight hours at a time on Saturday morning.

Thanks for reading my blog. I'm happy today.

Vegasdicey73 43M

5/27/2005 5:33 pm

hbgirl2: I'm moving. Just sooo much easier said than done.
SexTitten25: My weekend's over now, I'm home. But thank you for the wishes.

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