guys...Am I the only one who likes to watch?  

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12/13/2005 8:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm guys...Am I the only one who likes to watch?

I may be in the minority on this one, but I LOVE watching a man suck another man's cock. It gets me so hot I can hardly stand it!
When I lived in Las Vegas, my boyfriend there was bisexual. I spent many a hot night watching him get his cock sucked by a businessman in town for a convention!
The one I remember the most was this very handsome man from Minnesota named Jeff. He was very tall and blonde with blue eyes. We met him while playing craps at Mandalay Bay-I was wearing a very short dress and high heels; Jeff started flirting with me. When my boyfriend Bryan noticed, he introduced himself and after a few laughs we all went to the bar for a drink. There was an instant connection and we soon found ourselves in Jeff's room.
As soon as he closed the door, I took Jeff's hand and I led him toward the bed. He kind of "winked" at Bryan and I knew then that I was in for one hot, steamy night. In no time we were all naked-me and two hard, huge cocks. I was in the middle of them and I noticed Bryan's hand moving off of my ass and onto Jeff's-and Jeff let out this low, lingering moan. I took that as my que to move out of the way. Bryan and Jeff stood together, hard cocks touching, feeling each other. It didn't take Jeff long to find his way to Bryan's cock. He began by lifting Bryan's cock and gently sucking his balls. I could see how much Bryan was enjoying Jeff's mouth on his balls; his feet were on the edge of the chair, head back, and he was moaning loudly. Jeff was making a "mmmm" noise and my fingers were playing with my very wet, very hot pussy.
Jeff then decided to move his mouth to Bryan's cock. It was harder than I have ever seen it-I thought it was going to burst! Jeff squared himself over Bry's cock and slowly began licking the head, making a slurping noise. In one quick motion, Jeff plunged Bryan's entire cock into his throat, all the way down, not even gagging at all! Bryan's cock was a good 8", I had never been able to take all of it. I could tell that Bryan was trying not to cum too soon, I knew he wanted to enjoy every bit of this great head. Jeff began bobbing up and down on Bryan's cock, taking the whole thing and sucking and slurping all at the same time.
A couple of minutes into it, Bryan's body started to tense and he began moving his hips-I could tell he was about to shoot a big hot load into Jeff's mouth. He grabbed Jeff's head and yelled-he was pumping his cum into Jeff's mouth and Jeff was swallowing every drop, still making the "mmmm" noise. When Bryan was finally finished, his body spasms subsided, Jeff removed his mouth from Bryan's limp cock. He had a little bit of Bryan's cum dripping from the corner of his mouth so naturally I had to lick it off; kissing Jeff with the taste of Bryan's cum in his mouth made me cum almost instantly! I miss that..........

rm_steve91766 48M

12/14/2005 1:57 am

Sounds like it was a lot of fun

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