I'm back...and with a vengence!!  

VanillaKisses243 43F
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5/5/2006 11:18 am

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5/15/2006 8:40 am

I'm back...and with a vengence!!

I haven't been able to decide lately whether or not I wanted to continue having a profile on here or not. Those of you that I correspond with on a regular basis know the dilemmas I have faced and my reasoning for not wanting a profile here. Some men on this site are very aggressive, to the point of being stalker-like. However, I have enjoyed most of the people I have met on here and truly I think I have made some friends for life...which really surprised me. Therefore, I once again am putting my profile back up.

I don't know that I am looking for anything other than frienship right now and more than anything I get on here to read the blogs. I never considered myself a blogger b/c I didn't really think what I have to say on here is what y'all wanted to hear. I enjoy reading other blogs though and finally realized what is being said by others is the same shit I would be saying. So...I guess I am going to try to become a blogger. I enjoy writing and most have commented that I do it well. I write for myself more than anything but if someone finds pleasure or help from something I have said then that is great. My blogs may be boring to some, amusing to others, and insightful to a few. I hope whatever you get out of it that it was worth your time and if it wasn't...well, fuck it--you can't please 'em all and I am tired of trying.

For those that have some negative bullshit to say about me, my choices, and/or my opinions...I respectfully say, "Keep it to yourself...I ain't interested." You have the choice to decide whether you read my blogs or view my profile. No one is forcing you...if you don't like it then go else where b/c there are plenty that do enjoy me and what I have to say/offer.

I am not here to defend myself or anything I do...I don't have to. You have your preferences and I have mine. Until I ask you to pay my bills or be my mate...what I do doesn't affect you and I could care less about your narrow-minded, insecure, ignorant opinions.

Having said all that....I'M BACK EVERYONE AND THIS TIME WITH A VENGENCE!! I plan on being more active in blog world so be prepared for some diverse, unique, and possibly even contraversial perspectives and thoughts to come out on here.

I look forward to hearing from all of you...and to the faithful ones that are always around...thanks for you devotion. I look forward to you helping to make this a great blog full of interesting conversation.


UB6IB9_39 50M
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5/5/2006 1:30 pm

Don't let a few bad apples spoil the cart!! Hopefully it was only a few!! Glad to hear you are back with a vengence!!

bflohunk36 46M

5/14/2006 8:05 pm

Glad you are back. Good luck in your search. You know how I feel, whether I ever get the "package" or not.

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