General Bullshit...I Mean A Look Into My Life Today  

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6/12/2006 6:55 am

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General Bullshit...I Mean A Look Into My Life Today

I don't have a lot to say today but someone reminded me the other day that I hadn't written in a while and he was missing my for today I guess I will just write about the general bullshit going on in my daily life. Hope you enjoy it, Hayden.

Today I am tired--no make that exhausted. This past weekend has left me drained and when you add to it the stress of the past couple of weeks, I am beyond spent.

My son is running AAU Summer Track and while I am happy he is doing it, let me tell ya folks--South Texas heat ain't no joke. Even when the temperature isn't that high (say 90) it is still a scorcher due to the humidity here. You walk outside for one minute and you are sweating. son had a track meet on Tuesday and Friday of this past week and both days we were out there from 9-3:30. Saturday, I took a group of kids that I teach sign language to up to San Antonio to go to the zoo and that was from 10-2. Yesterday, I had church and then the sign class that I teach. This coming weekend is almost a repeat...track on Friday, a Juneteenth Celebration on Saturday that the kids I teach are performing at, and Sunday is church and then the class. I work everyday and my son has track practice. I have to be there b/c somehow I got suckered into coaching shot put (which my son doesn't do.) I still have music and lessons to prepare for my class on Sunday. And, I am helping prepare the art projects for VBS. I didn't consider myself a busy person until recently.

Now the emotional important ex has popped back up after 4 years of NO communication and very little communication during the past 12 years. Supposedly he has suddenly had an epiphany regarding his feelings for me. Don't know that I believe it but it has been a roller coaster none the less. My best friend has been "sometimey" lately and has basically gotten on my last nerve...I am to the point of wanting to slap her. And, there's more but I have decided to spare you of any more of the bullshit.

I am tired of typing now so I am going to sign out and lie down for awhile...maybe I can catch up on some sleep. Luckily my job allows me the opportunity to chill and it isn't mind taxing...I don't think I could deal with hassle of a "real" job, as some would say, right now. Rest assured I have a just happens to be an EZ one and on a day like today where I am tired and grouchy, I am very thankful I work where I do.

See ya!

Brittnbo 71M/58F

6/13/2006 7:22 am

I am responding mainly to let you know I read your comments and, to the exasperation of my main lady, I ponder.

General musings are a great window into the feelins of a person. It is not difficult to see some things that are deeply felt and important to you. Certainly your son and supporting his achievements. Your treasured feelings for friends and ex's.

I still ponder your comments of a few weeks ago on Lies and liars. I bridle when accused of it. Yet I know I do it. In several ways. The most serious and frequent is when I deny feelings or avoid a topic that will be painful or difficult for my partner.

I know I could not beat a lie detector or even an intuitive housewife. So I try not to create fantazy lies, to fake emotions, and I steer clear of relationships where I know the other person wants to be told things that I know I do not or cannot feel.

Yet, sexual and physical sensual pleasure comes with an emotional bonus for me. Perhaps maturity helps or hinders. But I know that I have a real attachment and deep feeling for every woman I have enjoyed in such a way. I have forgotten none. And if my sporadic ventures into the giant lottery pools were to favor me, I would include each and every one of them in the winnings - no strings or demands attached.

I do not hide the loves of my past from the one of my present, nor do I expect her to do so. Certainly, the culmination of our life's experiences is what brings us to now.

Just some ramblings. Hope you have all the joys this wonderful day can offer.

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6/14/2006 12:11 pm


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