A history into my Mr. Right and Me...why I date only black men.  

VanillaKisses243 43F
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3/17/2006 11:54 am

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6/17/2006 5:56 pm

A history into my Mr. Right and Me...why I date only black men.

Y'all wanted to know so here goes...why I date black men.

As a little girl, I thought my Mr. Right was someone that was similar to my daddy. I figured I would grow up and marry a cowboy. We would have little blonde haired, blue eyed children that looked like me. You see I grew up in a small town, spend 10 years involved in rodeos, and was very much a tom boy. But, I was also Daddy's litte girl. So naturally I assumed that Mr. Right was someone like my daddy.

Then I got older, gave up the horses for a volleyball, basketball, and a pair of track shoes. My horizons started to become much more broad. I began listening to something other than just country and 80's rock. I grew up dating a variety of types of boys/men. Some were white...some hispanic...not too many blacks where I came from...one Asian thrown in for good measure. I dated rich, poor, I dated drug dealers that were white and hispanic, and a preachers son that was black. I dated tall, short, fat, skinny. I dated the ones that no one else wanted but once I had them everyone had to try. The point is I didn't limit myself to one race or kind of person. I have always been open minded.

Eventually volleyball took me to college in the Dallas area and once again my world and vision grew. While away at college, I experimented with my sexuality and was even in a lesbian relationship for awhile. But...something was always missing and I never quite felt comfortable expressing my true self. Finally, I struck up several friendships with some black men I worked with and for the first time started feeling comfortable with just being me. I didn't have to pretend to be anything I wasn't. I felt like I had found what I had been missing all along.

I realize that there is no one true way to define the entire black population. Who wants to be stereotyped? There is a black male that frequently writes to me on here (hey marcusgerald) that doesn't fit the mold at all. But...if we were to go by what society has defined as being "being black" then I tend to relate better to black people than white. I love to listen to R&B, hip-hop, , jazz, and definitely gospel. My favorite actors happen to be black. Most of the movies I watch tend to have black casts or strong black characters. I love to play spades, dominoes, and shoot pool. I like sports and anything sports related.

Don't get me wrong...I am not trying to be black in any way, shape, or form. I just know what I am most comfortable doing and the crowd I am most comfortable with. I can still, very easily, get in touch with my country roots. I know all the words to every Garth Brooks song. I watched Friends. I am proud of my white race and my German heritage, I just feel more comfortable around black folks.

A loyal AdultFriendFinder friend asked the following question..."if you found a man that matched all of your criteria,you had everything in common and the sex was great, but he was white, what would be your decision?" Well...my answer has two parts. First of all, I wouldn't know if the sex was good b/c I wouldn't have fucked him. I haven't had sex with a white man in 10 years. Therefore...I would have to say that I would turn the man down. I have been approached by several white men on here, other sites, and in person. I am just not attracted to them. I prefer a black male. I like the contrast in skin color. It has never been about the dick size b/c that is a myth. I like the openness with which black men accept me and my flaws. I like the creativity in the bedroom without the grossness. I also find that I just simply have more in common with black men.

There is two exceptions though...I would fuck the shit out of Eminem and Michael Bibby (who is part white but looks like he is all).

Hope I didn't bore you with the rambling. See ya next time.

digdug41 49M

3/17/2006 12:27 pm

hey you know what i used to get ridiculed by black women for liking white ones I haved savored many flavors devoid of race and color and can now say to the haters have a lick of DEEEESE NUUUTZ lol you do what feels good for you girlfriend and I hope to cyaroun the blogs lifes too short to be painted into a corner by who and what we are just be you

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

Kaliedascope61 41M
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3/17/2006 1:04 pm

I don't see how race can define any man, Not through music, not through personailty,not through the games they play, the food they eat, (I was surprised you didn't mention that you like fried chicken) and certainly not through skin color. All though I respect your view, personaly I find it offensive. I do not see how you can say you are open minded when in the same breath you can say "I tried other races"

I read your post, and just found it distastful. Not because of your choice in men, but because of the way you jusitfy it. But that is my opinion, and your choices are your own.

marcusgerald 43M

3/17/2006 1:31 pm

LOL!!! LOL!!! I can type that all day. I remember one day I was is in my dad's store and some younger kids thought my dad was a white man and asked me how was I able to work for him. Well you can just imagine how that went. Vanilla my question is do you get a lot of heads on this site bothering you about who you like to date? I mean the blog seems like the final answer to the non-believers. I know if I'm not wanted I move on. Why should I waste my time trying to convince someone to date me. That's like selling a car with no engine. Ya know I would like to get with a Japanese woman I would hurt myself on that. I mean two good days of MG.

rm_courcpl 46M/58F

3/17/2006 2:38 pm

Makes me NO difference in any of that! I get told that I am a black woman in a white woman's body, but that's kewl. I know who I am and so do my true friends. If the man I am with, who so happens to be black, then so be it, if he was Japanese, then so be it...... It's all in one's personal taste OR outlook in life and openmindedness of mankind. I prefer to open my mind to all avenues of the good things that life has to offer........yes, I've been with two black men and OMFG, but equally OMFG on the white man I was with, too! Not to mention my husband! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!! lol anyways, more power to ya and sorry people get offended of your preference in race, but you did come across that way.......... One more point, if you're truly comfortable with yourself, you should feel comfortable in no matter what crowd of people you are in. *smiles* In my humble opinion.

peace ........ The female of the couple

Assertiveguy3 44M

3/28/2006 7:52 pm

I dont think a race is defined by the music one listens, by the movies one watches and such. I have been aorund many races, I am Hispanic and I listen to Spanish music but I am a techno freak, I love mob movies, whcih doesnt make me Italian. I have been to many countries and I have embraced their cultures and they have appreciated mine. I am attracted to white women and MOSTLY because I like the differences, I like what is opposite of me. The bigger the hurdle, the more joyful the ride. Since Hispanic is NOT a race I cant relate to racial issue, but I can relate to cultural prejudism. I have been prejudiced even from people of my own culture...no big deal though because to me, life goes on and we make our choices, sometimes though we try to justify them.

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