Butthead's writer for Beavis?  

VancouverBoy69 35M
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6/16/2006 12:46 am
Butthead's writer for Beavis?

Michael Gerson is gone. The man who literally wrote the book on the most voraciously and openly deceptive political rhetoric since the end of the Cold War has been ousted. Now the question becomes, without Gerson, will the rhetoric become more or less extreme? My expectation is that we will see a more moderated and tempered discourse coming from the Bush White House. Gone are the days of the good versus evil, us or them, my way or the highway speeches. Why? Nixon level approval ratings and a flagging economy. A war that has bogged down and an America that is ready to move on from terror scares. It's the downside of breeding a culture of consumers. You can manipulate them easily, but only for so long. Like every good TV watcher, the attention span of most voters is measured in 30 second increments. There is a real threat that the Republicans could lose the house and senate if the Democrats grow some cojones and run a real campaign. I'm not holding my breath though. We'll probably see another "We're not Bush" campaign, instead of tackling the GOP head-on on issues like immigration reform, abortion, and gay marriage.

What does all this mean for Canada? Not much, except we may see a new writing credit on Mr. Harper's speeches. Gerson may become the latest Bush advisor to become a Harper advisor. Like Mulroney and Reagan, Harper wants to be George W. Bush. And getting Bush's chief writer on staff could bring him one step closer.

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