A dirty story to kick things off  

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5/17/2006 12:34 am
A dirty story to kick things off

In honour of starting my first blog (I've finally succumbed to the craze), I would like to share with you, dear reader, the story of the last successful hook-up I had here on AdultFriendFinder. Enjoy...

It was strange meeting someone for the first time and already having seen them naked. Not completely, of course. Her pics she’d sent only showed her breasts and a thong clad behind, but it was strange none-the-less. Up until that point the only women I had seen naked (in real life anyway) were either strippers or women I’d slept with; both types of people I had physical contact with. Seeing someone naked before meeting them was an entirely new experience for me. But I digress from the part that you, dear reader, have come to hear. Suffice it to say, as we sat down for drinks at the Cactus Club, I couldn’t help but take a long look at her large breasts sitting in her low-cut v-neck shirt which seemed perfectly placed to show off the maximum amount of her great cleavage as was possible without her breasts spilling onto the table. Her blond hair fell to the top of her shoulders helping to complete the framing of her cleavage and face. She was pretty with full red lips and stunning blue eyes, her bangs falling down to her eyebrows. Her build was full and she had curves in all the right places; large breasts and hips and an ass that you could really sink your teeth into. We ordered martini’s and sat chatting for a couple hours. We had already chatted on-line a few times but I enjoyed hearing the sound of her voice and the way she laughed. I truly enjoyed the conversation, and though we had already said we were going to sleep together upon our first meeting, I found that even if the night had ended there, I would have felt quite contented. We had a lot of fun drinking and talking about all manner of subjects. But it was when we went back to the car and I looked at her and said, “So, what would you like to do now?” that I knew the real fun was about to begin.

She looked at me, with a sly look in her eyes and asked if I want to come back to her place. Of course I agreed immediately. It wasn’t far to her place, no more than a five minute drive, but I could already feel the tightening in the front of my pants as I gazed at her chest in anticipation of getting those breasts out of her shirt and into my mouth. When we arrived she showed me around quickly and then disappeared into the bedroom. I hovered for a moment in the living room to remove my coat and then went to join her. Walking in I found her lying on her back, her hands above her head with her breasts pointing up in the air and her legs slightly spread. She was still dressed but her skirt had ridden up a bit, giving me a glimpse of her soft creamy thighs. I could feel my desire building down below and new that the time had come. Walking over to the bed I laid myself next to her and placed my hand on her stomach just below her breasts. Without saying a word, I looked into her eyes and saw the same fire burning there as I’m sure she saw in mine. Slowly I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers in a long slow kiss. Putting one hand on the side of her head I began to stroke her hair as she did the same to me, our lips meeting and parting in an increasingly passionate embrace. Finally our tongues met, and I could taste in her mouth the citrus flavours of the martini she had been drinking earlier that evening. Running my hand down the side of her neck I began to pull down her shirt over her shoulders. As my mouth followed my hand, kissing under her jaw and down the side of her neck, my right hand managed to free one of her breast as it spilled out of her bra into my hand. I could feel her large brown nipple hardening in my palm as I caressed and pulled at the soft warm flesh. Taking my thumb and forefinger, I rolled her now hard nipple in my finger, pulling on the bar that pierced her nipple. She sighed into my mouth as our tongues played in her mouth.

Suddenly she broke the kiss, saying, “take my clothes off.”

Doing as she asked I began with her shirt, pulling it over her head. Looking down, I noticed that her other breast was still cupped in her bra, so I reached behind her with one hand and placed the other on the center of her bra. As my left hand unclasped the bra I pulled with my right, and the bra came off and I let it fly across the room, admiring the site of her other breast tumbling out. Now faced with a pair of nipples to play with, I reached with my left hand for one nipple and lowered my mouth onto the other. As I ran my tongue in circles around the areola she arched her back and pressed one hand to the back of my head, pressing her tit into my face and forcing her swollen nipple into my mouth. Gently sucking on the nub, playing with the piercing with my tongue, I lowered my other hand to her inner thighs and began stroking upward, caressing my way to her most delicate folds. Moaning louder now, she called out, “yes, touch my pussy, touch my cunt!” Never one to refuse a lady, I obliged, pulling her thong to the side I began to slide my fingers around her silky smooth outer lips, tracing the outline of her wet box. “Do you feel how wet I am? Stick your finger in my cunt!” she called out. Taking my index finger I traced a line from the top of her lips, deftly avoiding her clit, down the middle of her sopping pussy until I found the spot. Moaning, she ground her hips toward my finger. I pulled back just enough to prevent her from burying my finger inside her, prolonging her anticipation. Slowly, I pressed one finger into her, feeling her warm wet walls surround my finger.

“Your pussy is wet. Very wet. I wonder how it tastes?” said I, inserting a second finger and beginning to rub her g-spot. Rolling her head back she told me to get her panties and skirt off. Without removing my fingers I undid her skirt with one hand and pulled her skirt and panties off until they reached my shoulder. Knowing that now I had to remove my fingers to get her clothes off of my arm, I pulled my fingers out and quickly substituted my tongue as I ran it around her outer lips and up the center of her pussy, pausing to suck her inner lips into my mouth before gently flicking at her clit. Throwing the clothes on the floor, I buried my face into her and began caressing and sucking her clit.

“Put your tongue in my hole!” she called out between gasps. Running my tongue down the center of her sopping cunt, never breaking contact, I pushed my tongue inside her and truly tasted her sweet girl-cum. She was delicious. Savouring all I could, I slowly rotated my tongue inside her, making her moan louder. She grabbed at my shirt collar and pulled my shirt over my head. Running one hand over my neck, she furiously played her clit with the other. Looking up at her I saw her smile with a wicked look in her eye. “You like it when I play with my little clitty don’t you?” In response I drove my tongue deeper into her and wrapping my hands around her waist pulling her hips into my face. Suddenly she clamped her legs around my head and called out “Oh fuck! Yes, that’s it, don’t stop! Eat me, fuck yes, eat my dirty cunt! AHH!” I could feel her tighten in spasms around my tongue as her juices flowed into my mouth. After a few moments she relaxed and pulled me by my hair away from her pussy, bringing my mouth to hers. We shared a wet kiss, together savouring her sweet juice. “Now fuck me!” she said. I was kneeling next to her face so she reached over and undid my pants and yanked my jeans and boxers down to my knees. My throbbing cock sprang free, spraying a little precum on her tits as it popped out of my tight jockeys. Fingering her clit with one hand she took my balls in her other. She leaned forward and stuck her tongue under the thick purple head of my cut cock. Licking up to the tip she stuck her tongue into the hole and pulled back, a little string of precum joining her tongue and my cock. She leaned in, sucked my head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it, bathing my swollen head in her saliva and sucking off all the precum. I moaned and pushed my cock into her mouth. She pulled back and looked up at me “You can fuck my mouth later. Right now I want this fat cock in my tight cunt.” And she was tight; I had felt that with my fingers. Leaning back, I reached over to my jacket and pulled out a condom, her tongue playing on my balls as I did. As I sat back on the bed and pulled off my pants the rest of the way, she leaned across me and wrapped her heavy tits around my cock and sucked the head one last time. I rolled the condom over my cock and she climbed on top of me. Pulling her lips apart, she slid the head of my cock into her pussy. She was tight; it took a few moments and a few strokes before I was buried to the hilt inside her. Her tight wetness, combined with the excitement of still having her cum all over my face and her taste in my mouth almost set me off right there. But I took a moment to compose myself and she began riding up and down, in long slow strokes, the shaft of my cock. She would pull back to the corona of my glans and then grind back down, picking up speed on each stroke. She began to finger her clit again and called out, “talk dirty to me.”

Writhing in my own ecstasy of feeling her sweet pussy sliding along the shaft of my cock, I looked up at her and said, “That’s it, fuck my cock, take it all, ride my fat cock with your hot, moist cunt. You’re so fucking wet! Your pussy feels so good. Fuck me. Now come for me! Come on my cock! I want to feel your pussy come on my thick cock and your cunt juice on my balls! Fucking come, now!” And with one last stroke she did. Freezing with my cock buried in her, she came. She pulled my head to her chest and pressed her breast into my face and twitched for a moment as I felt her pussy contracting around my throbbing cock. Slowly pulling off, she lay down next to me putting her head on my chest.

“That was great. Now, how do you want to come? Do you want to fuck my mouth and have me eat your cum?” I nodded and moaned my agreement. She leaned over and pulled the condom off of my cock. I twitched. This wasn’t going to take long. Kissing my balls, she began to run her tongue up my shaft until she had my head in her mouth. Slowly, massaging my head with her tongue, she began to ease her mouth down on my cock, just as she had done with her pussy. Finally, her face buried in my pubic hair, my entire seven inches in her throat, she began to pull back. Reaching over, I pushed one finger inside her pussy and using her cum to lubricate another I pushed into her ass. She moaned and buried my cock in her throat again. Picking up the pace she alternated between deep throating my cock and jerking me with her hand while she licked my balls or sucked on the head. My balls tightened, my breathing quickened, and she knew I was close.

“I’m gonna cum!” I called out.

Her mouth moving around my cockhead, she said, “Fill my mouth with your cum. I want to taste you.” And that did it. Jerking my cock with her hand, her other hand cupping my balls, I spurted a long stream of thick white cum into her open mouth. Closing her mouth around my head she gently lapped with her tongue as I filled her mouth with a load of cum I had been saving for days. Once I was finished, I felt her swallow, and then suck the remainder off of my cock. Crawling up to me, she kissed me, my cum still on her lips. “That was nice. Your cum is very sweet.”

“So was yours,” I said as she lay down across my chest. We lay there chatting for a little while until finally we fell asleep. I went home the next morning, kissing her good bye and thanking her for a great time. Despite our honest intentions to repeat our little adventure, we never did see eachother again. She went on to have a threesome with a girlfriend of hers and a guy they picked up at the bar (instead of me, as we had planned) the details of which she shared with me, and then she got back together with her ex. I haven't seen or spoken to her since, but when last we spoke she seemed really happy. so I'm glad for her. I just wish I'd gotten in on the threesome (a fantasy of mine) as it started with a nude hot tub soak(another fantasy of mine. I just love the way boobs float, y'know?) and ended with a double blowjob (once again... fantasty). I'm keeping my fingers crossed but that one isn't likely to happen for me. Oh well. I hope you enjoyed the story. I certainly enjoyed reliving it.

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