That Makes me sick!  

VanMan1962 55M
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5/3/2006 6:38 pm

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5/12/2006 2:56 pm

That Makes me sick!

I just saw a woman talking to Dr. Phil and this poor woman's eye had been shot out by her boyfriend. And she still is in love with him!! This once beautiful redhead had two beautiful eyes once and now has only one eye. This pond scum of a man, still free to walk around in public! This makes me sick to my stomach!! I'm sorry but if I did that to my girl friend/wife, I would not/ could not live with myself.
How can you hurt the one you love?

Several times during my marriage I would come home after some the worst days of my life, I wanted to pound someone's face in to the pavement! I see her face, melt into her arms and all would be forgotten: it would not matter anymore. I found so much tranquility in her arms and she would calm me down just at the very sight of her.

Those were some good times.

Be good to one another out there, for Pete Sake!!


caressmewell 53F

5/4/2006 4:32 pm

I can't explain nor do I understand why she feels this way.

singleagain53578 47F

5/4/2006 6:10 pm

It is sad but you can't help who you fall in love with. My first hubby was very abusive and I would prolly still be married to him had he not had that affair on me. Stupidity!!!


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