*bows and bites your inner thigh*  

Vampyricfangd1 32M
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3/26/2006 12:14 am
*bows and bites your inner thigh*

Greetings yon beauteous maidens.Long hast thou searched for someone the likes of me.Now I am here. Though in general I am of low self opinion I have recieved enough shall we say compliments? in my prowess in the realms of satisfaction of others that I know that I lack not in this area. They say size matters not(but ladies y'all know thats bull) and lacking in this department I am not(and I know how to use it too . If thou wishest pleasure simply say the word and it is yours. Chao,shalom,adiue,bye,ta ta for now. I await your command for my greatest pleasure is in giving it to others.My own satisfaction matters not.Only yours does.Peace out

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