roller coaster pt2  

Vampaerus 40M
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5/23/2005 2:10 am

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4/22/2008 8:33 am

roller coaster pt2 I know the next phase of the contest involves all 99 qualifiers getting together at a bar in Springfield (about a 1/2 hr away, no biggie). And somehow theres a drawing from that to pick one winner. So my odds are about 1%. Not great, but it's a tangible number unlike say winning the lottery. But I know it's coming up soon, but the station stopped airing the ads as soon as the last qualifier (uhm yeah, me) was in. And now I'm waiting on snail mail.

To keep it somewhat short, I work nights. So what I would call getting home from Wednesday night (thurs about 4am) there's the Lazer99.3 envelope on the table. OK, good now I've got the info I need. "Thursday May 19th at 5:30P.M." it reads. Wait, that's TONITE. So I spent much of that day looking up directions to this bar as I'd never been there. Decided to just go and then stop into work a few hours late since there's no time to take a vacation day. I've been working 12+hr shifts, so a few hours late should be no big deal.

The directions on the bar's web site were rather brief and lacking in detail. Printed them out anyway, but hauled up Mapquest too, just to be sure. Got a completely different route. Tried Yahoo Maps. A third method all together! Argh. So I printed all three, and tried to get a quick nap...

MysticCouple4Fun 44M/40F
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7/17/2005 8:50 am

Hey we used to be from your neck of the woods..... We went to the Alternative bar up in Northampton a lot! As for bars in Springfield...that is a joke. LOL


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