Rejuvenastia Sensualistico  

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Rejuvenastia Sensualistico

Full Name: Rejuvenastia Sensualistico
Nick Name: Juvy
Played by: Sensuous_Salz Sensuous_Salz
Race/Class: Full-Elf Cleric
Affiliation: Mercs R Us (GroupA)


They say white is the color of Purity. They would be wrong. Tho her blood may be pure elven, not much else is with this albino temptress. She possesses a keen understanding of the processes of the mind and body, and even life itself. Whatever ails you, be it lascerations or lust, this bombshell has the cure...for a fee. Cucifix is just for show.

Strength: 50
Dexterity: 65
Melee: 85
Ranged: 55
Magic: 95

Health: 70
Mana: 100

Laying of Hands: doubles target's Health (if less than 20, adds 20) mana cost=10
Heal Self: fully restores own health to 100, mana cost=25
Sending Happy Thoughts: heals at range, +10HP, mana cost=30
Wake the Dead: can use conventional means to heal persons at -3HP or better.

1 potion FULL rejuvenation (restores HP & MANA to receipient's max)

1 potion +20 Mana

1 potion +20 Health

Money: 0 copper, 5 silver, 3 gold ($3.50)

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